Our World Tuesday – Flower and Wildflowers


This is one of Heather’s day lilies in front of our house on Sunday morning after a night’s rainfall. I just love rain drops on flowers.


Saturday I went hiking on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain and found some color. Or some color besides green. The mountain is covered in bright green and I love it but I also love other colors also


And here is some yellow flowers. I have no idea about flowers so I call these yellow flowers.


And here is one of the trails I ran. You see what I mean about bright green?


And here is a purple wildflower.


After years using a Toshiba I finally got a new computer. The Toshiba was still working but the pentium chip just wasn’t up to the demands of Lightroom and Photoshop and other photo software I use. so I got a brand spanking new Dell with a fast processor. I also have a solid state hard drive that is about half the size of the one I had but I don’t keep much data on machine. I got it at Staples and had them move the data and programs from the old machine to the new and you know something they did a great job and the cost was very reasonable.

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15 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday – Flower and Wildflowers

  1. Amy Franks

    Those yellow flowers, I can’t remember the name of them but they grow here as well as the same in white along the roadsides in stony areas.

  2. Driller's Place

    Oddly enough, I have not taken any photos of flowers this spring. Like you, I have a little Toshiba laptop that has been a real trooper for nearly ten years, but I think it may get replaced at the end of this year. I’ll start looking prior to Thanksgiving and maybe pick something up that is on sale during the Christmas rush.

  3. Penelope Puddlisms

    Raindrops on flowers make wonderful pictures. The computer reminds me of a fresh unopened box of crayons or a new unmarked scribbler ready to open and use. You’ll have lots of fun with it. :))

  4. Sallie

    Raindrops on …daylilies (or any flower really). definitely one of my favorite things! And always love to read about Turkey Mountain …feel good stories with happy endings are so needed these days.

  5. Angie

    Knowing the name of the flower is not as important as enjoying its beauty! Nice shots! I always regretted that daylilies only last a day, but now you have an image that will last a lifetime!

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