Skywatch Friday – Vacation 2018 Update

We are towards the end of our vacation this year on the Alabama gulf coast. The highlight so far was Heather riding a paddleboard in the open water. She teaches a pool based paddleboard class but had never ridden a paddleboard before this trip. Logan and I went kayaking during this outing.


I have been taking lots of photos. The water and surrounding area are always a rich source of images for me.


Here is a shot of Heather just starting out on the paddleboard. I am in my kayak so I guess this is a “kayakcam.”


We have been out on the beach a lot. Both sitting on it, in the water, and walking the beach.


I have fair skin so stay covered up but my feet really got burned on this trip.


We went on our first ever family bike ride. Logan has never learned to ride a bike so we rented him a three wheeled version. He did quite well. Heather and I tried it and agreed that it was a lot harder to ride than the two wheeled variety. Steering in particular was hard. The bike had a mind of its own.


We passed this sign. Lots of alligator habitat in Gulf State Park where we were. It inhibited by geocaching quite a bit.


We cooked a shrimp dinner one night. We have our shrimp place, so we boil them, and Heather prepares the sides.


And the skies. The skies have been magnificent.


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9 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Vacation 2018 Update

  1. nancy chan

    I think it takes skill to stay balanced on a paddle board. Looks like everyone has a great time at the beach with beautiful sky and view!

  2. Peter B

    Beautiful skies. You better print that last photo and hang it somewhere, it’s really a beauty! Looks like a great vacation, and I like the “kayakcam” shot and the “don’t feed the alligators” sign. Very funny!!

  3. Alana

    I saw paddleboaters years ago in Charleston, SC, before it because popular nationwide What a wonderful way to learn balance.

  4. Gaelyn

    Heather is a natural. Love the kyacam. I’ll bet it’s difficult to steer a three-wheeler. Good thing Logan is a big guy. Looks like a marvelous vacation.

  5. betty - NZ

    I would love to paddleboard, but my balance is not what it should be due to my thyroid problem. Thanks for taking us along on your beach adventure. The photos are awesome!

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