Skywatch Friday – Hike to Trout Lake at Yellowstone Park

Trout Lake Reflections-Edit

During my trip to Yellowstone Park earlier in August to see my sister, we took a hike up to Trout Lake. It was a hike that kicked my butt but was only 200 feet in elevation change. But it was worth the climb. The lake is absolutely gorgeous as are the the views from the lake.

Trout Lake float fisherman-1-Edit

There were a couple guys fishing from  floats for cutthroat trout. One of them told us that he had caught (and released) eleven and they were gorgeous with deep rich colors. He was a little older guy and mentioned that the hard part was hauling all the gear up the trail from  the road. I had a feeling that he lived not far from the Park. I am wondering if he stashes his gear nearby.


My fellow bloggers over the years have taught me the beauty of imperfection and change in plants. So I took lots of pics of plants in the midst of transition. Nature is beautiful in all its cycles.


Here is my sister Ellen, the Park Ranger. I felt guilty as we were out from 8 am to about 9 pm every day. She loves showing off Yellowstone Park. Check out her blog. She saw wolves today on a hike.

Here is my Garmin connect view of our outing. It doesn’t lie, like I might. It says 200 feet of elevation change, I’d of sworn 2000 feet. And 1. 4 miles long. Why, it was easily six miles, if not longer.

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I’m a little late with my post. I was going to write it Wednesday night along with setting up the Skywatch Friday meme and my brand spanking new Dell laptop with super duper quad core processor and solid state hard drive decided to not work, at all!!! As I thought about it though I remembered that Staples, where I bought it from, had given me a thumb drive which they said to keep track of because it was a recovery drive. So a few hours ago, I stuck it into my Dell and fired it up and it came up normally and asked if I wanted to restore my settings to factory, and I said yes and everything now works fine. What’s up? Can anybody tell me?

24 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Hike to Trout Lake at Yellowstone Park

  1. nancy chan

    Beautiful view in the first picture. The man fishing in the lake in the 2nd picture looks like both his legs are in the water. I would be dead tired if I were to tag along on your hike from 8 am to 9 pm. But I think it is a wonderful and enjoyable hike.

  2. Alana

    My favorite should have been the first picture, but I loved the second one with the fisherman. Can’t help with computer issues, but I can help say those pictures were fantastic. Happy you enjoyed your “six mile” hike. I haven’t hiked in a long time!

  3. Driller's Place

    That first image is stunning. One has to envy the park rangers who get to enjoy these views every day. Yes, the hills always seem taller and the trails longer than the signs tell us. Have a blessed week-end.d

  4. LaVoice

    Had the pleasure of being in Yellowstone once and loved it. Thanks for letting me enjoy it once again. You always make your post so interesting.

  5. Peter B.

    I didn’t know Ellen is your sister! I’m a big fan of her blog. That first photo is postcard-perfect! I think you need to recalibrate your Garmin. I can’t believe that was only 43 calories!! Enjoy the long weekend.

  6. Cathy Kennedy


    What a beautiful view! A trail that’s steep can feel a lot longer than the milepost indicates that for sure. Years ago, we took a hike to Rainbow Falls in the Smoky’s. There was a short stretch on that trail that was a real killer and we took the path that supposedly the easiest. We did that hike on a few different occasions and each time it wore us out. We even took my in-laws on it in the early 80s at which time they would’ve been well into their 50s. I thought that was amazing at the time but today now that I’m in my mid-50s I don’t think about it being such a big deal. Of course, I don’t like taking strenuous hikes these days but I get my share of exercise on my elliptical. 🙂 Thanks for sharing such purrty pictures!

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