Skywatch Friday – Closing out September

Harvest Moon 2018 (1 of 1)

This month we had the Harvest Moon. I love full moons. I take photos of all I can and apply all sorts of filters and editing to them. I hope that doesn’t bother you.


I went for a walk last week and caught a sunset and as a bonus I got lots of long narrow tree trunk shadows.


This is the Powerline Trail on Turkey Mountain, here in Tulsa. It’s the fast route from the north end of the wilderness park to the parking lots on the south end. It’s not the easiest though, you go straight up and down a couple of big hills. But is hard to get lost on it.

Various sights around Tulsa this week.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Closing out September

  1. Juniepre/Jesh

    Still haven’t learn to photograph the moon – this one is a professional one! Also love your second capture – the texture, and the shadows of the tree trunks! Lots of atmosphere there! Sorry, I didn’t comment on your post from last week – things were too hectic! I realize now I see the comment section you have wordpress blog! Great – much easier to comment:):) Have a great weekend.
    About your comment: if you ever come near Arnhem (close to the German border), the Open Air museum in Holland is worth a visit! – thanks for stopping by!

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