Skywatch Friday – The Return of Rascal


Tuesday morning the sun was coming up in the neighborhood and so I grabbed a leaf and occluded the sun with it. I am an arty kind of guy you know. Especially the easy kind of art like this. I don’t think of it as being lazy, I think it is being efficient.

Cache Valley Topaz Studio HDR

On my way out of the neighborhood I stopped at the greenbelt and snapped another pic of the sunrise.  The greenbelt starts close to our back fence and loops around to the road I am stood on to take this photo.

Sunday night during our front that moved through with strong winds and icy temperatures we noticed that our Pomeranian, Rascal had disappeared. Further notice showed that our gate to the greenbelt had blown open with the wind. So I was walking in the pitch dark with a flashlight yelling “Rascal” over and over. Heather had started in a different direction doing the same thing. 

Rascal the #pomeranian #dogs #dogsoninstagram #igersok

I left the greenbelt and was looking for the dog on a street when Heather picked me up and dropped me off at the house so I could enlist social media to help. I put together a facebook post and sent it off and then a similar NextDoor  post. It was pretty amazing. We started getting responses right away and it turns out that Rascal had walked up to a couple putting up Christmas Tree lights and they took him in and posted something on facebook that somebody else reposted on next door and then somebody else let me know about the other post, and we were re-united fairly quickly which was kind of amazing because I thought we had lost him for good. Say what you want about Social Media but I like it and it does have its uses.

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27 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – The Return of Rascal

  1. Ellen

    Thank goodness you found the little Rascal. You wouldn’t want someone to just keep him because he’s such a cutie. There are some really good people out there especially when it comes to our furry critters.

  2. Angie

    Social media can be a blessing and a curse – in this case, it was definitely a blessing. And your sun pictures are superb! Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Vicki

    I love the first two photos! I am so happy that Rascal was found and is home safe! How scary that must have been. He sure us a cute dog!

  4. Driller's Place

    I think one of the most common uses for the “NextDoor” site is the retrieval of lost pets. People are very helpful and responsive when a furry friend and it’s family are in distress. I’m sure that Rascal is glad to be back home and close to the fireplace.

  5. nancy chan

    I like your easy art. That is natural talent. I can see the sunlight that came through the leaf and onto your thumb! I like the sunrise shot too. Thanks to the effectiveness of social media that little Rascal is now back with you. Sending a big hug to Rascal! Lol!

    1. Alan Bates Post author

      Oh yep, when I was walking around in the huge green space in the dark with the wind howling I just knew that I would never see him again. We lucked out.

    1. Alan Bates Post author

      We lucked out!! Apparently he had been gone for several hours before we noticed. From what I’ve read dogs can travel a long ways in a short amount of time. The people who found him, or who found, said he just came right up like he belonged there and was not nervous or afraid. Which is kind of scary. That is how he approached us years ago.

  6. Miss Cellany

    Dear Arty Guy, your skywatch photo is fabulous and you are obviously also good at naming dogs – Rascal by name and rascal by nature! (He is looking slightly apologetic.)
    Pleased to know that you live with good neighbours about you.
    I’ve not posted on skywatch for a few weeks as have been and continue to live under a grey, wet and windy sky that wouldn’t lift anyone’s spirits. But do enjoying seeing all the beautiful images from around the world.

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