Skywatch Friday – Getting Ignored


Seen during a recent bicycle ride. This horse walked up to the fence and once he figured out that I didn’t have a treat for him I was dismissed with a flick of the tail!

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16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Getting Ignored

  1. Jesh(Junieper_

    Hello Alan – are you the one who is hosting SkyWatch ? just came home and tried to link. My image turned out to be black. Like to show my sky, but linkytools won’t let me. Can you do something about it, or delete my link? Thanks so much – have a great weekend! Jesh(Junieper)
    my url separated is the jesh studio (dot) wordpres (dot) com

  2. Lady Fi

    Lovely shot! You might like to look at Skywatch. It would not let me show a thumbnail photo when I tried to link up and kept giving me an error message.

  3. Alana

    Too funny, but at least the horse didn’t waste your time like some humans would. By the way, I was also one of those who had trouble linking – I tried three times on two browsers and my iPhone. That linky has been given you a lot of trouble recently – I hope you can find something better. I enjoy Skywatch so much; I would hate for you to give it up (but would understand).

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