Still Hiking Skywatch

This is kind of an “add on” to my last post about hiking on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain last Sunday morning. Don’t tell me that I am the only blogger that milks all the posts he or she can out of an experience.

Turkey Mountain Pond Topaz

What are called ponds everywhere else are called lakes on Turkey Mountain. Don’t ask me why, its just the way it is. Whatever you call them, they are full which is unheard of this late in the summer. Want to know something else? (I am going to tell you anyway, so say yes, okay) I didn’t activate our lawn sprinkler system until this past weekend. It has rained so much we have not watered our yard once.

Turkey Mountain Pond Topaz 02

The ponds are overflowing and the vegetation is lush. I was soaking in DEET so I didn’t get any tick or chigger hitchhikers thank goodness but I was kind of dumb and didn’t take any water which was a mistake even in just a three mile hike.


It always lifts my spirits being out in nature. I didn’t really see anybody else. I love getting back home after my outings and checking instagram for Turkey Mountain. There were at least 25 other people claiming they were all by themselves. It is a testament on how big the area is that we can all be there and not get in each others way.

Do you have a place you can go to get away from it all? I hope so.

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13 thoughts on “Still Hiking Skywatch

  1. Sharon Wagner

    I live to be outside. (I just wish I lived somewhere warm in the winter) Yesterday, i walked a solo hike, right in Minneapolis. around a neighborhood lake and residential area. Everyone was inside, not out.

  2. Peter B.

    My favorite hikes are usually when I see no other hikers and can relax in the quite and solitude. Pretty cool that you could use Mother Nature to water your lawn until just recently!

  3. Linda

    Sometimes I have dozens of photos from an expedition. If it’s too hard to choose, I procrastinate and may even neglect the pictures permanently.

  4. Angie

    Yes, I always have so many photos to share that what might be one post for someone else turns into multiple posts for me. And since I tend to post only once a week, I have enough material for a lifetime. Love your “lake” photos – the light and the reflections are terrific! As you know from my posts, I only have to go to my backyard for a little solitude, all 15 acres of it!

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