Skywatch Friday – Morning Sky

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Some beach trips I get early every morning and go running or walking on the beach. This trip I mainly slept in and got up in time for the first dolphin run of the day. It was pretty amazing watching them cruising along parallel to the beach anywhere from maybe 50 yards to the show to maybe 300 yards. Just cruising along in a widely dispersed pod, some of them had a smaller dolphin with them. They come and they go on down the shore. A few hours later they come back the opposite direction and generally a lot further out. So we got to see them twice a day generally.

But being a dedicated skywatcher I got up one morning and got a good shot from the balcony. Most days were cloudless, but this one day they formed and went marching along the shore. I love the morning light on the cloud above.


We had a really good time. We ate well, we went kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, lots of walks on the beach, read a lot of books, played some board games and didn’t turn the television on once!! So we are back at work now and son is getting ready to go away to college and we are very excited about that.

I hope things are going well for you.

Skywatch Friday

20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Morning Sky

  1. Peter B.

    That’s cool you got to see the dolphins. Really beautiful sky shot. You know it’s a great trip when you never even have the urge to turn on TV!!

  2. Junieper/Jesh

    Beautiful sky! When your son goes to college does that mean you’ll become empty nesters, or is the college close by? Have a great weekend and thank you for your comment:)

  3. Sallie

    A vacation to treasure anytime — and especially before beginning that next life chapter. Good wishes for all three of you! ( We did not watch TV one single time on our recent trip — didn’t miss it at all.

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