LaCorona Vida #8 – Heather’s Flowers


My wife is an exercise instructor at several different health clubs in Tulsa. It’s a part time gig right? Except she spends a lot of time at home putting together her routines and figuring out choreography. Music is important her and she doesn’t hardly ever use the same routine twice or resort to generic music as some instructors do.


All the health clubs have closed during the pandemic and so she had some time on her hands and so she launched back into gardening. She is a certified Oklahoma State University Master Gardener and used to be active doing that but motherhood and the exercise instructor career took most of her time.


So she went at it hard this spring. Buying soil to rebuild the beds and an bunch of plants. Gardening is hard work. Me I love the result. I help out carrying the heavy stuff.


So now we have all these beautiful plants to look at.


I didn’t photograph the right plants but she has got a butterfly garden going. We’ve only seen a couple so far.

Indian Blanket

Does anybody out there not love flowers? I think it may be an international language.


I don’t know the names of all these. I’ll get her to help me out when she has time.

What they hay, you could help me out also if you felt led to do so.

11 thoughts on “LaCorona Vida #8 – Heather’s Flowers

  1. Lydia Foster

    She’s got the state flower, Indian Blanket, lantana, petunias & those purple flowers are gorgeous, but I don’t know what they are??

  2. Vicki

    Your wife is multi talented! I love all the beautiful flowers!

    I want to add a window box to our living room window after we get the house painted. I’ll have to plant sturdy flowers since I don’t have a green thumb like my mom did.

  3. Ellen

    Flowers make the world a better place and Heather’s are beautiful! I’m still waiting for something to bloom in our yard. I think everyone is gardening during lockdown. Finding seeds this year was not easy.

  4. Penelope Notes

    These blooms are lovely! I think a couple of photos are of petunias. Having a flourishing garden takes more work than imagined but it always helps to have a heavy lifter nearby. 🙂

  5. Amy Franks

    Gosh your wife is a clever lady. For us being in lockdown for 5 weeks was hard, I tried as much as I could to get out and walk in the fresh air but it sure wasn’t easy.

  6. Sallie

    I recognize the same ones others already have and I love the bright colors! I don’t Garden any longer, but I am great at appreciating other people’s talents … and often steal their flowers (with my camera only) … I would have a field day in Heather’s yard ! (And I do remember enough about gardening to know that heavy lifting is vital and appreciated.)

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