Our World Tuesday – Field of Heroes


This Memorial Day I went to Centennial Park in Tulsa right across the street from VFW Local 577. They were sponsoring a “Field of Heroes” in the Park consisting of 402 pairs of boots and ID tags for American Military Members who died while serving their country.


This is the second year they did this. Eventually they would like to reach 13,000 pairs of boots.


It’s a sobering sight, both the array of boots and looking at the individual tags and photos of the service members. They are all so young.


There are lots of remembrances for our military but it never seems like enough.


It’s good to remember all who fell to preserve our country.

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13 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday – Field of Heroes

  1. Driller's Place

    This is probably the most moving tribute to those who gave their last full measure of service to this country. What a powerful statement, even more than visiting our local veterans cemetery. It is a solemn reminder that Memorial Day is about those who were killed in the line of duty. Veterans Day is for those of us fortunate enough to come home and live a full life.

  2. Stevenson Que

    Yogi this is beyond beautiful and a great homage for these heroes who sacrificed themselves for the love of country. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  3. Margy

    We need to remember this is what Memorial Day is about. A local cemetery had large flags flanking all of the roads, so beautiful to see. – Margy

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