Hiking Keystone Ancient Forest


Last weekend Heather and I visited the Keystone Ancient Forest in nearby Sand Springs, Oklahoma.


It’s a 1360 acre preserve out in the middle of nowhere. It is one of the last remnants of the Cross Timbers and is very rugged and contains trees 300 to 400 years old.


It is administered by the City of Sand Springs and they strictly limit the times available for hiking. This summer they have both Saturday and Sunday times. Check the link for the schedule.


This was my fourth visit and Heather’s first. It has very good hiking trails including a short section that is suitable for use for powered wheelchairs. I love that feature and hopefully more preserves will have loops for people who cannot walk themselves.


We got started kind of late but most of the trail was shaded. It was too far into the day to see any deer or other critters.


It was a great getaway. Many of the trees are spectacular.


We’ll be back!!

And now back to the real world.

New cases in Oklahoma and Tulsa are spiking up rapidly. The Health Department said that you cannot point at any particular thing except for the general opening up of the economy. Many here in Tulsa are dreading a national politician’s rally coming next weekend.

We’re hoping the common sense prevails.

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12 thoughts on “Hiking Keystone Ancient Forest

  1. Sallie

    Off to look up more info about “cross timbers” as soon as I send this. Beautiful ancient forest hike. You guys take amazing selfies. ……. I hope that the “politician’s” rally gets cancelled. He already sent out the dog whistle to his rabid followers on his first choice of a date. Happy to see there’s some opposition from your newspaper and other sane people,. Best wishes.

  2. Stevenson Que

    A great hike it was! if only I can join you guys on that beautiful forest trail, I really would need a good safe walk outside my house (it’s so unsafe out here because it’s always crowded as I live in a city junction). Wish you the best Alan!

  3. Eileen


    I enjoyed the hike, I love the old trees, shadows and the forest. The trail looks nice! Taking a hike seem safe, I enjoy a walk in the forest. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

  4. Ellen

    Beautiful! I look forward to hiking the old growth forests here in Yellowstone. It’s been too cold to get out so far.

  5. Penelope Notes

    What a lovely walk you two had. I suspect common sense seldom prevails, which perhaps is why ancient forests have become evermore rare. These large gatherings invite more cases but even success stories give a false illusion there’s not much to worry about. Unfortunately, that’s when folks let their guard down.

  6. Driller's Place

    An early morning hike with the opportunity to see and photograph critters sounds like a great adventure. Being outside any time of day (when it’s not 100 degrees) is a good day.

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