Cloudy Skywatch

Soft Skywatch
Soft Sky to the Northeast, a reverse sunset

We finally started getting a little weather here. So I have been flying my drone in periscope mode where I launch it from our house and go straight up.

Neighborhood Sunset

This is looking west at the sunset.

Rain in the distance

Some rain to the north of the house.

skywatch sunset

Another day’s sunset.

Alan - piloting the drone

Here’s the drone pilot wearing his favorite flamingo shirt. He’s got a haircut since this photo so he’s not quite as shaggy. I’m not one of those dapper retired guys who are all buttoned up. I haven’t ironed a shirt since I retired.

Lizzie's Naptime

Switching gears, hear is Lizzie the kitten after I woke her up from her nap. Miss Lizzie is getting kind of fluffy from all her eating and napping. Not that I am trying to fatshame her or anything.


And I can see!! My first optometrist exam in two years. My prescription hasn’t changed in three years. I was prepared to get new glasses but I’m sticking with what I got for now. Not only am I a scruffy old retired guy, I’m cheap as well.

I went on a bike ride and passed these oilfield heater treaters all trailered up and nowhere to go. Heater treaters are used to separate crude oil, water, and natural gas after the liquids come out of the ground. Most wells produce all three at the same time. Blood, guts, and feathers is what I call it. Heater treaters use heat to help with the separation. The fact that they are sitting there and have been for some time is not a good sign for the energy industry. Somebody is paying some pretty steep storage fees.

Downtown Tulsa Skies from the Arkansas River

Here’s a view of downtown Tulsa from the bike path.

Bear Fountain on the Riverparks Trails

And at the end of my ride. I love that bear fountain. You notice I am admiring from the shade. It was close to 100 F when I finished.

So everybody, be safe, be kind, and take lots of sky photos.

24 thoughts on “Cloudy Skywatch

  1. Eileen


    Your drone has captured some awesome sky photos.. I like the shot of the rain in the distance.
    The bear statues and fountain is beautiful. Great skywatch! Thanks for hosting. Have a great day and a happy weekend ahead.

  2. Peter B.

    I can’t get over the beautiful sky shots you get using your drone. These are awesome!! LOL at scruffy old retired guy who’s also cheap. Sounds exactly like me!

  3. Joyful

    Congratulations on your retirement Alan. It sure is nice not to have to worry about getting to work by certain times and having to dress a certain way. I do love all your drone photos. The drone gives a nice perspective. I don’t use one myself but appreciate the filming and picture taking others share.

  4. Nancy Chan

    Awesome photos taken with your drone. Cute Lizzie after awoken from her nap. I am delaying in getting a pair of eye glasses. I like the bear fountain. We are in the midst of rainy season with occasion thunderstorm. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  5. Alana

    What a rain capture that was. Wow! I enjoy your drone shots. I don’t envy you the 100 degrees, I think we have something like 15 straight days over 85 and for us in upstate New York, that’s hot. It’s gotten over 90 a couple of times and I just wilt. I am cheap also but my eyes require new prescriptions nearly every year and yikes $$$. Speaking of seeing, I see you are enjoying your retirement. Keep those pictures coming and don’t get hurt at the bear fountain.

  6. Coloring Outside the Lines

    Wow, I am envious of the gorgeous photos you get with your drone! Awesome shots!

  7. Amy Franks

    That reminds me that I”m probably overdue for an eye exam, trouble is reading glasses here aren’t cheap, I just get mine online, they’re cheaper.

  8. Sallie

    Stunning pictures … nice bonus to catch the rain without getting wet! Fun to see the guy who operates that drone and takes all those lovely pictures while biking and hiking. Looking pretty good for an “old” retired guy. (By the way, what is that “iron” whereof you speak? )

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