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Cloudy Skywatch

Soft Skywatch
Soft Sky to the Northeast, a reverse sunset

We finally started getting a little weather here. So I have been flying my drone in periscope mode where I launch it from our house and go straight up.

Neighborhood Sunset

This is looking west at the sunset.

Rain in the distance

Some rain to the north of the house.

skywatch sunset

Another day’s sunset.

Alan - piloting the drone

Here’s the drone pilot wearing his favorite flamingo shirt. He’s got a haircut since this photo so he’s not quite as shaggy. I’m not one of those dapper retired guys who are all buttoned up. I haven’t ironed a shirt since I retired.

Lizzie's Naptime

Switching gears, hear is Lizzie the kitten after I woke her up from her nap. Miss Lizzie is getting kind of fluffy from all her eating and napping. Not that I am trying to fatshame her or anything.


And I can see!! My first optometrist exam in two years. My prescription hasn’t changed in three years. I was prepared to get new glasses but I’m sticking with what I got for now. Not only am I a scruffy old retired guy, I’m cheap as well.

I went on a bike ride and passed these oilfield heater treaters all trailered up and nowhere to go. Heater treaters are used to separate crude oil, water, and natural gas after the liquids come out of the ground. Most wells produce all three at the same time. Blood, guts, and feathers is what I call it. Heater treaters use heat to help with the separation. The fact that they are sitting there and have been for some time is not a good sign for the energy industry. Somebody is paying some pretty steep storage fees.

Downtown Tulsa Skies from the Arkansas River

Here’s a view of downtown Tulsa from the bike path.

Bear Fountain on the Riverparks Trails

And at the end of my ride. I love that bear fountain. You notice I am admiring from the shade. It was close to 100 F when I finished.

So everybody, be safe, be kind, and take lots of sky photos.

Skywatch Friday – Villa Philbrook Spring Sky

Philbrook Sky - Topaz Adjust - Autumn

One of my favorite spots in Tulsa is the Philbrook Museum of Art. It is not only a great museum it has wonderful gardens. So last week I was out there taking pictures of daffodils and I took this tilted photo of Villa Philbrook and a twisted gnarly tree and a big dramatic sky.

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South Tulsa Skywatch

South Tulsa Skywatch - Topaz Glow - Whisker Wires at 32 pct

I used the Whisker Wire filter in Topaz Glow, backed off about two thirds.

So last Sunday it was kind of raining and sprinkling and so Logan and I decided we would go to the local mall and walk around a little bit. So we walked around and mocked the merchandise and left and I snapped the above pic with my cell phone. The sky was very dramatic. After a winter of no drama is was nice to see a few clouds.

What are the skies like where you live?

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Skywatch Friday – Downtown Sky

Downtown Tulsa - Rooftop - church view Topaz Adjust

We had some stormy rainy weather on Tuesday when I went to my car on the roof of the parking garage I liked the view to the south with the big clouds and the wet streets. I also noticed that four of Tulsa’s major churches were in the view. From left to right we have the tower of the Bruce Goff designed art deco masterpiece, Boston Avenue Church, then the green domed First Christian Church. Then to the right the twin spires of the First Methodist Church and then to the far right, Holy Family Cathedral. Tulsa is unique in major cities in the US in that the downtown area are really thriving and maintaining their membership. The churches and businesses stayed downtown when everybody left and now the people are coming back to live, as well as work and worship. Exciting times we live in is what I say.

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Skywatch Friday – Downtown Skies

Tulsa Skywatch

This is a view of downtown Tulsa. My favorite part of it is the reflection of my Nikon Coolpix AW110 against the building to the right. Used to be I’d worry about it and now, I’m like hey that is the way it is. There is lots of other things wrong with this picture but what is right about it is the tall building against the funky sky and the reflections of the western sun in the windows.

I also love it for the tower of the building to the far left, the 320 south Boston Building. Legend has it that the tower was designed to dock dirigible airships back in the 1920’s or so. I love that legend even though there are skeptics who say otherwise.  I say pooh on the skeptics,

What about you, do you have notions that the skeptics don’t like?

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Skywatch Friday – YMCA Sunset

YMCA Skywatch Sunset Impressions Cezanne II 58 pct

I used Topaz Impressions software on this to give it kind of an impressionistic effect and then dialed it back about 40%. I also cropped out some annoying features.

We are having some colorful skies lately here in Tulsa. I liked how the color was shining through the windows of the old downtown YMCA. A developer demo’d the interior and has the project on hold pending higher oil prices probably. I also like the reflections on the building on the left, the old Amerada Hess Petroleum building. They bugged out for Houston back in the 90’s during another oil downturn, and insurance company occupies the structure now.

Will the last person in Tulsa please turn out the lights?

I’ve been told by numerous people that the energy companies manipulate the prices of oil, natural gas, and gasoline. That may be, if so they are doing a really poor job of it. What do you think.

In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the sunsets.

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Skywatch Friday – Arkansas River Sunset

Arkansas river sunset hdr topaz adjust

I know that I’m being a little repetitive and I apologize in advance. At about 5:30 these days at work I peak outside and if it looks like their might be a good sunset then I take the elevator up to my old floor where there is a clear view out to the west and go to my old office and take a few pics. One day somebody is going to be in my old office and I’m just going to have to tell them to get out of the way I have to take a photograph.

It is getting warmer here in Oklahoma. On my run after work I was able to wear shorts and a long sleeved tee shirt instead of the running pants and layers of cold weather technical gear. In the depths of winter I’m warm but my goodness it is a laundry load. It will get cold again for sure but the trend is my friend as they say. I’m looking forward to the beginning of daylight savings time so I can back to run on Turkey Mountain on Wednesday nights.

So are you looking forward to the change of seasons?

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