5 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Water and Sky

  1. Susie of Arabia

    I just love the second photo with the pink tinged sky – it’s stunning. I think what makes it really interesting are the bare branches hanging down from the top – it adds another dimension.

  2. Jim

    Alan, all these are very pretty. My favorite is the Snake River but it was a hard pick. I chose because of the contrast between the really great Reflection and the water.
    Most of us don’t go hunting for a Reflection each week although I always keep doing that in mind. And James, our host, for sure has as reservoir.
    We escaped Laura real fine in the Katy, Texas area. It sure made a mess farther east. “Years ago” we lived in Friendswood, Texas, 20 miles south of Huston when Hurricane Alicia went right over our house. Our backyard was full of young trees all reaching for the sky and they saved our shingles. Not one young tree broke, they all swayed and leaned, sometime touching the ground. A couple of older trees did break.

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