Shadow Shot Sunday – Losing a Tree!!

Tree Stump

We had a tree removed last week. So this post is about losing shadows.

This is a photo from just a day or two before it was gone. It was an ornamental pear tree. My Forest Ranger Dad had been telling me for a long time, “Alan, that is one crappy tree.” I didn’t say anything to him but I was thinking “That crappy tree is the one we have.”

The crappy tree developed a crack that went clear down to the bottom of the trunk. You can’t get much crappier than that. A turkey wishbone type tree.


Here it is in healthier days.

Home Christmas Lights - Impressions - Seurat Afternooon 35 pct

And during Christmas.


And a winter shot with another crappy tree that we removed a couple years ago. My master gardener wife is planning on another tree, a better, tree to be planted in the fall.

I miss my crappy tree though. I loved its shadows.

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8 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Losing a Tree!!

  1. Lisa

    Oh, all those seasons of the tree! It’s like losing a family member. How different the front of the house must look. But, think of the plans for something new you can make now! That’s a beautiful photo in the snow, with the red shutters and wreath.

  2. Vicki

    I love trees and I felt like crying when we had some cut down. One was one of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen but it was very old, tall, and big around. It showed signs of dying and we were afraid it would get hit by lightening or a hurricane would come through and it would fall on our house.

  3. Ellen

    It’s always sad to lose a tree. We lost three this spring that didn’t survive the winter. What I really miss is the man who knew everything about every tree.

  4. Barb

    A lot of our lodgepoles in the forest are cracking and drying out from pine beetles. The beetles came through several years ago, but now the trees are dead and falling. If your pear tree had fallen, it could have caused damage. We had a pear in Denver, and i loved its spring blossoms. I’m sure Heather will come up with something good. I love maples….they don’t grow well at our altitude.

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