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Shadow Shot Sunday

Searching for Northern Lights

Here’s me trying to get a shot of the northern lights and failing miserably. I think I was the only one I know who did not get a shot of them.

I even launched my drone. I got some decent sky photos but no Nothern Lights. And I got some shadows on our back patio when I turned downward.

Here’s shady part of the trails on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain.

And these day lillies are casting a shadow on a tree trunk.

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Aerial Shadows of Tulsa

A drone shot at about 50 meters over the back yard showing the shadows from the fence and trees and on the west side of roofs. The orange square is my takeoff and landing pad. So I am somewhere on the patio next to the landing pad.

View looking west where from the same spot. Maybe 10 meters lower. Showing my neighbors shadows from their trees and fence lines.

And from another day a droneselfie of the drone pilot sporting his brand new Dallas Cowboys hat.

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Shadowy Lawnmower and Chris Isaak!!

On a recent trip to the Tulsa Botanic Garden they displayed a Lego Lawnmower in a Shadow!! It would be nice if it worked but it would probably shake itself into thousands of pieces.

Happy Easter to you and your family. Also, Lego Easter Bunnies!

Shadow Shot Sunday

AAAAnnnnndddd! As part of Music Moves Me, I bring you a Chris Isaak Song. Check out RamblinWithAM to check out other entries.

Botanic Garden Shadows

My wife and I visited the Tulsa Botanic Garden Saturday to check out the tulips and other flowers and plants. I saw lots of those and also a few shadows.

I thought these bright containers and colorful tulips contrasted nicely with the shadows created by the steps and the handrail.

The garden has an exhibit of life sized animals made out of Legos. I thought this placement of the Lego coyote in the shadows was perfect.

On the deck at reception building I loved this complex pattern of shadows.

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ShadowShot Sunday – Spring Shadows

Here is Heather and I taking the dog for a walk. I love shadow selfies. I look so skinny and you can’t tell my hair is almost gone. It does look like I am missing arms though.

When I was out on my daffodil photo expedition I noticed clump of flowers cast a pretty good shadow.

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Shadowy Snuggles

I’m always on the lookout for shadows. Heather and I were at an Irish Festival here in Tulsa on Saturday evening enjoying listening to Irish Music. It seems like that even the most modest of music events now days there is a huge investment in lighting and video stuff in addition to the sound. Anyway, I noticed a shadow formed by a security barrier and a snuggling couple near the stage. (What is it about music and alcohol leads to snuggling? Asking for a friend, wait a minute, I already know, forget I asked).

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