Weekend Reflections – 2021

I went hiking and geocaching the other day towards dusk. I started here where the freeway passes over a street. I love all sorts of infrastructure. I’ve never built a bridge but I built all sorts of pipelines, compressor stations, natural gas processing plants, and other stuff all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

A pond on a hike the family the other day. I love reflections in the water.

I found this highly polished car at a Panera near where we live. I love modern cars but they all look like Toyotas. The older cars have lots more style and I admire them but give me a newer car with electronic ignition and heated seats. My facebook friends tell me the car above is a Hudson.

And here is my new office. I love my old desk. I got it on my 16th birthday, 49 years ago. It was painted with brown house paint and had been sitting in a barn for decades before my parents bought it. We stripped the paint off and it was walnut!! So I stained and varnished it. I love it and I guess I’ll have to give it up when Heather and Logan cart me off to the nursing home or wherever. Note the chrome phone on the desk. I love it as well. I mean I love my cell phone but something about holding a phone up just seems better. You can tell I am getting old can’t you.

This is my first post of 2021. Lots of optimism this year, new national leadership, the vaccines are getting rolled out. Dr. Fauci says life may be returning to normal by the Fall. Sign me up!!

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – 2021

  1. Barb

    Great car (and color)! That desk with all its memories is the best. Wishing you a healthy 2021 with lots of adventures (and many found geocaches….).

  2. Vicki

    Love the reflections and the car! My husband and I had a show van and took it to car shows, I loved walking around looking at all the vehicles. I love the phone, don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that. I also love that turtle!

  3. Nancy Chan

    I love the polished red car too. Your new office looks very comfortable and that is a beautiful desk. I have never seen a chrome phone. Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

  4. Bohemian

    Happy New Year! I Love the Old Cars too, much more Style and you can tell the different Models easily… now you can’t tell a Prius from a Cadillac, they all look the same to me. But, for similar reasons, I won’t go Vintage when it comes to transportation. I didn’t even know my new truck had heated seats so the first time it went on I thought I’d peed myself! The Grandkid thought that was hysterical… it was funny when I realized what the warmth was! *Whew!* That Old Desk and Old Phone, I get it… I have a lot of older stuff and I prefer it… so much of the new is disposable and meant to be so. I don’t think I’ve seen a Hudson, a lot of Historic Cars in Arizona since our Weather is good to them, no Rust… I like the lines of that one, looks Gangsta! *winks*

  5. Ellen

    I love that you have a beer/wine frig in your office. I remember all the work you did to that desk. I didn’t realize it came from a barn…I wonder how the parents found it. Do you remember that Renault that you and Bob learned to drive on? I remember going around and around in the yard in Eagar, but I don’t remember what color it was. Blue maybe?

    It’s bound to be a better year ahead. Cheers!

  6. Amy Franks

    Your office looks so cosy. I have to say I much prefer older vintage and retro style cars, I just think the ones these days are boring in comparison.

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