Shadowy Snowy Shot Sunday

Snowy Shadows

We went to the see the kid to day at college. While we were still on the way he tripped and sprained his ankle. So the “go visit and resupply the kid” trip became the “evaluate and evacuate the kid” trip. We brought him home with us so he can heal up. It would have been a lot harder to do that without so many classes being online. I did get this shadowy photo of the trees and snow outside his dorm.

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9 thoughts on “Shadowy Snowy Shot Sunday

  1. Pat

    Oh no! I hope your son’s ankle heals quickly. I know how painful a sprained ankle can be. Do the RICE routine–rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

  2. Ellen

    Oh no, not another sprained ankle for Logan. I hope he heals quickly. It’s a good thing he has loving, caring parents.

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