21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Endless Snow!!

  1. junie-jesh

    Nice snowy views, Alan. Especially like the second capture – so pretty.
    Well, we made it through one ice storm and another one predicted for this week. I discovered am not good in suffering!! I read that the cause of the rolling blackouts in Texas were caused by the wind turbines (with pictures on the net) of the United Nations were frozen up in West Texas. Am wondering why in the world the United Nations have wind turbines there (since the Texans are known for not wanting interference of other places. Do you know or have any idea about this?

  2. Carol

    I’m shorry Alan but you certainly don’t look too happy with endless snow. How about moving down to the Gulf Coast like you always dreamed?

  3. Peter B.

    It looks beautiful, and I think I would enjoy it (in small doses). I wouldn’t want to deal with snow and below freezing temps for an extended period. I hear shoveling snow off your driveway is excellent exercise!! 😉 Take care and stay warm.

  4. Angie

    Alan – we have been monitoring the situation in Oklahoma and Texas – man, a mess! I am sure there will be plenty of Monday-morning quarterbacking about the grid and more. Hope you and the family are safe and warm.

  5. Nancy Chan

    So much snow, it must be shivering cold over there. It would be nice if you can send some of the snow to us and we send some of the sun to you. It is getting hotter here. Have you taken the 2nd vaccine dose?

  6. Alana

    Like many, I have family in Texas (they fared relatively well, compared to many others) plus I have enough experience with snow, living in New York State. The after studies of “what happened in Texas?” should be interesting. I did enjoy seeing someone else’s snow. Isn’t Florida calling to you just about now?

  7. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Illinois had 18 inches of snow fall in one day. Then more gray days and inch by inch stacked up snow where a body wonders where can we put it? LOL! But we are used to snow, sleet, ice and below zero weather. I am sorry you have had it rough down in Oklahoma. I am glad you had the Covid-19 shot. Appointments are fully booked for vaccine here even for health care workers and folks in their 70s. Booked till April. I liked that the pooch is covered with a blanket. So adorable!

  8. Linda W.

    B-r-r-r! Cold weather is especially cruel in southern states because they are not prepared for it. We get plenty of cold in Virginia so our power grid is fairly protected, but our roads are only half ready. People from northern states laugh at our drivers trying to navigate winter conditions. I maintain that our weather is treacherous because temperatures are above freezing most afternoons, melting snow so that water flows over the roads, only to turn into black ice at night.

  9. Patrick Prescott

    We’ve had a little snow every day for five days. It clears off, then more comes. Finally dry again. The mountains got lots of snow, skiing is going to be crazy for a few weeks. Great pix of the white stuff.

  10. Vicki

    I would love to see all the snow in person but since I can’t I appreciate everyone sharing their snow photos. It’s beautiful but can be a pain to have to shovel it off walkways and driveways.

    Stay warm and have a great week!

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