Our World – Oklahoma Land Run Memorial

Land Run

April 22 last week was the 132nd anniversary of the 1889 Land Run in Oklahoma when a guestimated 50,000 settlers seeking free land rushed into the area in central Oklahoma from all directions. It was a mess.

Land Run

You ever hear of the Oklahoma Sooners? Those were the people who sneaked into the territory ahead of time. Anyway, one had to find a plat of land and then run to the nearest land office and file your claim.


This monument is in Oklahoma City. I photographed several years ago and lately re-edited the photos. I understand that the monument has been added to.

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8 thoughts on “Our World – Oklahoma Land Run Memorial

  1. Pat

    I’ve read about this event. It seems it was sadly one way for the government to remove the indigenous people by squeezing them out of their encampment and hunting grounds

  2. Ellen

    Wow! Amazing sculptures! I would have gotten the worst piece of ground because I would have hung out in the back just like I do at 5k’s.

  3. Driller's Place

    Awesome sculptures that depict the most important event in Oklahoma History. At least that’s what we were taught. Not much time was spent on the trail of tears relocation of the Five Civilized Tribes to Indian Territory and even in the Tulsa School System, not a word was said about the 1921 race riots. I suppose there are events that we would rather forget rather than study, in an effort to prevent a repeat of the tragedies in our lives. Have a blessed week.

  4. Susie of Arabia

    The sculptures are incredibly lifelike and detailed. It’s really beautiful. I do wish history would be portrayed more accurately though instead of sweeping the uglier parts under the rug, as we tend to do.

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