Skywatch Friday – Route 66 Rising


A few nights ago we had the Full Pink Moon on a clear evening. I love taking moon photographs.

Howard Park west Tulsa

This is Howard Park in Tulsa. A funky little park, bounded on the west by a Freeway and to the north and south by decrepit commercial properties and to the east, right across Route 66, a refinery. There are no houses anywhere close with children to play in its playground but you know I like the park. You can see the refinery storage tanks on the left side of the photo.

Speaking of Route 66, this is the “Route 66 Rising” in east Tulsa, where Route 66 enters the city. It is in the middle of a traffic circle so to get a decent photo you have to park on private property and cross a busy street but you know, it’s my bloggers duty to do so. I don’t think one person in a hundred in Tulsa know about it.

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23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Route 66 Rising

  1. Peter B.

    That’s an awesome sculpture. I would like to spend some time photographing along old Route 66 out here. Very desolate; semi-ghost towns for the most part. Beautiful moon shot!

  2. Alana

    Rt 66! I love that Rt 66 rising sign; thank you for risking all to take that pictures! (not that I would ever do something like that, fingers crossed behind back). Back in 2013 (speaking of Rt 66) we drove from New York State to Arkansas and stopped at Rt 66 State Park near St. Louis, Missouri – this park was built on land which was once part of the city of Times Beach, which had to be abandoned in 1982 due to dioxin contamination spread by a massive flood that year. The park (built on reclaimed land, so it is safe to visit) was absolutely fascinating both for its telling of the story of Times Beach and its Rt 66 memorabilia. Haven’t been there since 2013, so I can’t speak to Rt 66, but even then Missouri was trying to preserve portions of it that paralleled I-44.

  3. Gaelyn

    Glad you could shoot the moon. Was total clouds here. Sweet park in the middle of nowhere. I truly dislike roundabouts. As if not dangerous enough, add cool art.

  4. Susie of Arabia

    You have a really good camera to get that kind of detail like in the moon shot. It’s amazing. I love the Route 66 sign. Very cool. Your “bloggers duty” – LOL! I go to extremes like that when I can to capture photos too.

  5. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! How odd that one person in a hundred would know that this sign is there. mmmm, wonder why? It is awesome! Regarding that full moon shot, you did it absolutely perfect! I however, grew hair on my arms and fangs and I think I must have howled a few times (just kidding). Have a wonderful week end. Stay safe.

  6. sallie rainville

    Beautiful moon shot and I really like the Route 66 sculpture; it is a shame it is located where it is hard to get a picture (or even see, as you point out).

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