Skywatch Friday – Spring is Having a Little Trouble Springing

We are having a very wet and cool Spring here in Tulsa. We get soaked with rain for a day or two and then the sun comes out and all the mosquitoes celebrate!

I like the cloudy skies because they make for more interesting photographs. I like the sunny days because they are fun for walking or riding my bike.

I go outside with the dogs every morning to keep them from barking and bothering the neighbors. Sometimes though when I let them out and their are rabbits and squirrels in the yard the dogs are going to bark, and bark a lot!! And then if there are other dogs in the neighborhood barking, then our dogs are going to do what I call “Update their Barkbook Status”

Sometimes one can get pretty decent skywatch photos from your own home. I got this last week when I was out retrieving the paper. I think papers are a thing of the past. Used to be almost everybody had a paper on our street, now I think we are the only one.

Lafortune Stadium Baseball

Son and I went walking around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park and I noticed that some kids were playing baseball at Lafortune Stadium. I think it was what used to be called Pony League. I think they have a different name for them now. I love baseball, at any level, from peewee t-ball up to the major leagues. Tulsa has a AA Los Angeles affiliated team, the Tulsa Drillers. They didn’t play last year, I’m hoping to catch a few games this year if it seems safe to do so.

This is another Route 66 site. The Rhett Mansion in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The former home of an oilfield gazillionaire back in 1911. It is now a wedding venue and from what I can tell on their web page and it has been very nicely restored and furnished. I love when historical buildings are repurposed into profitable enterprises. Not every building is suitable to be a museum.

The thing about Route 66 is that is more like a threaded stream of roads. The original road was called the Osage Trail. They didn’t build the Trail from scratch, they pieced together a bunch of existing roads and called them that. And since the start the various states would replace sections of Route 66 with new, wider, more modern roads and the old “alignments” as they are called reverted to being just local county roads. On one of these forgotten alignments sits the Teepee Drive in Theater on the outskirts of Sapulpa. It closed in 1990 and has sat there ever since. Apparently somebody wants to reopen it. So we’ll see what happens.

I know that I am on a little bit of Route 66 thing right now. Two things, first there are a lot of geocaches on it now in the Tulsa area especially the new Adventure Lab geocaches and I turned 66 last month so I am on a “66 on 66” type thing right now.

I wish everybody a great week! I am linking with Skywatch Friday, come check it out.

21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Spring is Having a Little Trouble Springing

  1. Peter B.

    That old drive in screen looks kind of eerie just sitting there. Looks like you’re getting some really beautiful skies. We could use some of your rain here, but no thanks on the mosquitos!

  2. Pat

    Such beautiful clouds! We are getting the same weather. A few sunny hot days and then a string of cool and rainy ones. We may even get snow on Mother’s Day! Love the Route 66 photos!

  3. Angie

    Alan – feel free to send a little of that moisture out west – dry. dry. dry! Keep bringing the Route 66 memories – so unique and interesting!

  4. Nancy Chan

    Beautiful sky shots. We too have rain and temperature is cool these few nights that we didn’t even need to on the fan to sleep. There is a spike in the Covid-19 cases here and we are trying to stay home as much as possible to stay safe. Take care and stay safe.

  5. sallie rainville

    Skies are beautiful in your neighborhood — i hope nice Spring weather arrives to stay soon. No tornadoes please. You certainly live in the perfect place for a year-long celebration of your 66th!

    Im using my PC to comment here today — have been leaving you comments from my IPAd but they don’t seem to publish. If you find them in your Spam folder just ignore! I will try to remember to use this to talk to you from now on.

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! I get a Sunday Newspaper also a Village Newspaper on Thursday. I am an odd ball too LOL. We have neighborhood dogs that bark too. It doesn’t really annoy me. Perhaps it does other neighbors though. Life goes on. It is nice to repurpose buildings. It has been cooler and wet here also. We did have a couple of 80 degree days off and on. Weird weather going on here. Be safe.

  7. Alana

    I hear you about spring. Snow is in our forecast for tonight. Wait, what? It was 81 on Tuesday! That old drive in is spooky. We have no drive ins here – someone was trying to get one together for last summer and it never happened – I wonder if there will be the same demand for drive-ins this summer as there was last summer. Truthfully, I hope some pandemic work-arounds stay with us when this is over- the return of drive ins, and the blossoming of outdoor dining, just to name two.

  8. Penelope Notes

    Haha … in my neck of the woods you go out being prepared for everything. One minute it’s sprinkling, the next the sun is beaming and then the wind suddenly shows up to cool everything off. Happy belated 66th. It’s a good solid number to arrive at. 🙂

  9. Lisa

    I go out first thing (no second, first is feed the indoor cats) with the dog too. Sometimes we’re early enough for the sunrise, but the sun is rising earlier and earlier and we aren’t! No rabbits or squirrels (I still haven’t figure out why the neighborhood has no squirrels). I love the roller skating sign.

  10. GrønnfrydhosMonique

    I very much agree – that Sometimes one can get pretty decent skywatch photos from your own home.
    Quite often I have nice skywatch/views from home, living in a partly snow covered northern country there are quite a few nice views.

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