Working the Tulsa Ironman Triathlon

We had a major sports event here in Tulsa Sunday. The North American Ironman race. A triathlon race covering over 2 miles of open water swimming in a lake starting a dark thirty in the morning, a 112 mile bike ride through the Osage Hills and finishing with a marathon distance run up and down Tulsa’s RiverParks trails. And no I didn’t participate in the race. I helped out an aid station on Sunday afternoon on the marathon course.

It seemed like most of the racers were from out of state. I was told it cost about $900 to enter the race. It’s like what!!!! Oh well. The organizers really had their act together on this. They can bring a lot of resources to bear. From my point of view as a volunteer they made it very easy to sign up and they broke the tasks down so even I could understand it.

I was in charge of Gatorade. I didn’t have a lot of takers. For one thing they had lots of aid stations so it wasn’t like they were famished when they got to us. I think another thing is that runners would rather have salty type foods or even pickle juice than Gatorade. Back in the day when I was running longer distances Gatorade didn’t sit too well with me. But hey, anybody that wanted some, I was ready! We never really got swarmed during the race. By the time the racers got to the running event, they were pretty well spaced out.


I was amazed by the racers. You have to be very dedicated to do this. You can’t really fake it to make it on a triathlon. The early front runners were running like there was no stress. When I left Sunday night at 7:30 there were still lots of runners just starting their second loop. I was thinking oh wow, are they going to make it another 13 miles or so. Out of all the people I saw I observed only a handful that were what some might call overweight. I saw a lot of people my age or older, probably the majority of them were women who looked very fit.

I was getting kind of hungry and the race organizers got pizza for the volunteers. Sign me up!!

I think the Ironman is coming back to Tulsa for two more years. I’ll be there, volunteering.

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10 thoughts on “Working the Tulsa Ironman Triathlon

  1. Carol

    there used to be a similar race down in Pinellas County 10 years ago when I lived there. Looked like fun but it also screwed up the roads around my home and I couldn’t go anywhere that day due to road closures for the race.

  2. Vicki

    Now that’s a tall man!

    I think I’d like to work at a Triathlon sometime, there are so many where I live.

    My husband had the same color of eyes you do!

  3. Ellen

    Kudos to you for volunteering! The guys you photographed looked very fit. I can’t even imagine giving it a try.

  4. DeniseinVA

    I enjoyed these photos especially the last, and good on you for volunteering. I remember road tripping a few years back and passing through a town where this race was being held. We got one of the last rooms in town. I read up about it after the fact and found it all very interesting.

  5. Fun60

    A marathon is hard enough and then a triathlon looks a killer but an Ironman! Some people just don’t know when to stop. Well done for volunteering. I’m sure the competitors were grateful to you for giving up your time.

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