Our World – Cry Baby Hill – Tulsa Tough Bike Races 2021


One of the huge sports events in Tulsa is Tulsa Tough. A series of bicycle rides and races over three days that includes everything from a “Townie Ride” of a few miles to long distance rides and everybody’s favorite the Criterium Races which are short races on a closed loop of multiple laps. The criterium races attract professional riders from all over the world. Most of the riders though are talented amateurs.


Last Year’s Tulsa Tough was cancelled as were all sorts of other events all over the world. This year it was back bigger than ever.


I participated in the the shortest distant event two years ago at about 30 miles and got my butt thoroughly kicked. I didn’t even finish. We were going by where my car was parked and I was like, I am cutting this agony short. I hope you are not too shocked by my cowardly craven decision. If you are, that is kind of your problem (just kidding folks.)

So Sunday it was hot and I went out to the Criterium Course, officially something like the RiverParks Criterium but everybody calls it CryBaby Hill. It is a short course that starts on the Riverside Drive and then climbs up a steep hill and then comes down the hill and turns back on to Riverside a turn well sharper than 90 degrees. Do this about 14 times and you have the race. Sunday it was done in 90 degree temperatures.


These guys and gals are very tough and very fit. I walked one loop Sunday and I was done. I left well before noon before it got hot.

So you got a race going on but you also have a big party that has approached legendary proportions. I’ve always left over the years before the legendary part.


I’ve never spent too much time on Crybaby Hill. For one thing it is in residential neighborhood with no sidewalks so it is kind of crowded. Plus I don’t do well when I’m hot. I’m told the party really gets crazy after 3 pm.. Well Sunday I was gone before noon. So sorry, I missed it.

I think everybody is really glad to get back to normal. I just hope that we are not doing it too soon. I don’t feel too threatened since I am vaccinated and try to stick with outdoor events. Our world has forever changed though. But for these last three days Tulsa celebrated a return to normalcy.

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13 thoughts on “Our World – Cry Baby Hill – Tulsa Tough Bike Races 2021

  1. Nancy Chan

    So good to see that life is getting back to normal over there. We are still battling with the high number of infected cases. Hope that the lockdown will be able to bring the numbers down. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Pat

    I always have a great appreciation for bicycle riders here in Colorado that are able to bike up mountains and endure at our high altitude. The majority are young, but I have seen a few in their 70’s and 80’s able to do it.

    We have felt more relaxed about covid but are still opting to wear our masks in stores and other public indoor places. Our doctor told us she has cared for a few fully vaccinated people who had come down with “breakthrough” covid, so until more percentage of people get vaccinated it is still wise to be cautious indoors.

  3. Fun60

    You were brave entering a race like that and I don’t blame you opting out before the end. Although I am out and about I would not go to any large gatherings. Not sure when I will feel confortable about doing that again. Indeed it is a different world in which we live.

  4. Amy Franks

    ha, what a funny name but I’m guessing it’s because people cry that they are tired trying to get up the hill? You’d need to be fit I think.

  5. Dee

    Nice to know about the event. Nice to see thing get back to normal.

    Paricipation in events like this is a big deal in itself, I think. šŸ™‚

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