Our World – Tess 5K Trail Run on Turkey Mountain

Saturday I raced my second race since the pandemic started. It was the Tess 5K Trail Run. It was on Turkey Mountain and was a fund and awareness raiser for the Tristesse Grief Center a local Tulsa non-profit that provides grief services such as counseling. The event also included a 10K run.

I did the race with my race friend Paula. We basically walked it and trotted it when we found non-rocky relatively flat places which on Turkey Mountain are not many.

I told everybody that I finished first in my age group, and I did and I was also dead last of the 13 men who ran the race. I was there though and finished vertically.

Got this nice medal. Truth be told, I am not a fan of the medals. They don’t really fit into my wife’s decorating scheme for the house.

Here’s the route. We started at the south parking lot (bottom of page) and went straight up the mountain (hill really) and did a loop, and came back down. The course was marked enough to where we didn’t get lost. Apparently somebody on a bicycle messed up the markers for the 10K so it’s results were in chaos. I am not knocking cyclists. They way outnumber the trail runners when it comes to cleanup days at the local trails.

So a good time was had by all. We each got a beer to go with the medal so that was an unexpected bonus.

The event was a win/win/win.

Challenging well marked course, check!

Unflappable course timers, I got the wrong tag number but the timer guy figured it out quickly without a lot of drama, check!

Nice tee shirt, check!

Beer, check!

Friendly race director and well organized volunteers, check.

I had a good time, I will be back!!

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7 thoughts on “Our World – Tess 5K Trail Run on Turkey Mountain

  1. sallie rainville

    Good for you — looks quite challenging even for walking and occasional trotting. such a lovely place though and the rewards at the end were fun (I’m talking about the beer — have to agree with you and your sweetheart as I can’t imagine a wall of all your medals would fit in to the decorating scheme.

  2. Ellen M Polyard

    I love the reflection of the trees in the water. Would make a nice painting. Kudos to you for getting out there and winning your age group! Doesn’t matter how many were entered.

  3. Barb

    Glad you’re able to do the trail runs again. Finishing, no matter the time, is the most important thing. I think medals are a waste, but the t’s and beer are nice.

  4. Fun60

    Good to hear you are back out running the trails again or at least still being in a ‘vertical’ position at the end.

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