Geocaching at Oklahoma City’s Bluff Creek Park

Son Logan came to visit for Fall Break the last several days. We loved having him and Monday it was time to take him back to college. So we loaded up his laundry, his groceries, and all his various devices. (He has lots of devices, and they are heavy) and flew on down the Turner Turnpike and then down south of Oklahoma City to his college. We got there at about noon, so we unloaded his stuff, and he put on his backpack and said bye Dad. Okay, bye son. He has class at one and pizza for lunch, I get it. So off I went.

Johnny's Hamburgers

I flew back up the turnpike to Oklahoma City to Johnnies Hamburgers. Oh my gosh, best hamburgers that I ever had. Texted this photo to my wife. That was NOT a smooth move. You would think after 32 years of marriage I would stop doing crap like that. She thinks so to.

Off I went to Bluff Creek Park in Oklahoma City. I geocached here years ago when it didn’t even have a name. I remember for it great trails and lots of deer and great geocaches. Guess what it still has great trails and deer. The trails are for mountain bikes and they have “directions” oh well, I was on foot like most other people and I’ve spent my whole life not following directions.

I was looking for five caches. You see, I have 1994 caches and I was looking for five to get to 1999 because I have a “milestone” cache in mind for Tulsa that I was going to get Tuesday.

Found this tortoise, but not the nearby geocache.

The geocaching gods had other ideas. I looked for six and found two. One doesn’t count because I could see it but it was way up in the air and I couldn’t reach it so it doesn’t count. The other one I found, and it counts so I stand at 1995 so I have to rethink my strategy. The geocaching gods punish hubris severely.

But hey, its all good. A great time outside wibble wobbling in the park in the sun under a great blue sky. I saw three deer and a bunch of squirrels and not very many people.

Here is a map of my wanderings. As you can guess the thick squiggles is where I was looking for something.

And my geocaching map. The frownies, are caches I didn’t find. The yellow smiley is one I did find. The green one is the cache I saw but couldn’t reach. The other two blue markers, dark and light, and different types of caches that I was not looking for. But hey, I found the one!!! One is better than none in my book. Best thing was a a great time in the woods.

Have you ever been geocaching?

10 thoughts on “Geocaching at Oklahoma City’s Bluff Creek Park

  1. Penelope Notes

    An aura of storybook enchantment seems to linger around this pathway of twisted trees you traveled. I believe geocaching is a term you introduced me to on this site. I can see why it’s such a popular activity. We are all treasure hunters at heart!

  2. Vicki

    What is on the best hamburgers that you ever had? Great photos, I especially like the trail with trees and the tortoise.

    I got the geocaching app last week. I need to figure out how to do it.

  3. Jennifer A. Jilks

    I did go geocaching once. I’ve lost my mojo!
    Our turtles are sleeping. We don’t have tortoises here, I love this one!
    Good to see the kid. I was in shock when my daughter went away to Uni!

  4. DeniseinVA

    Sweet photo of the two of you. I had to laugh at you sending the food photo. Hubs does that to me all the time when he is out with our son. Great looking trail and interesting to see the map.

  5. Barb

    “I’ve spent my whole life not following directions.” I don’t believe this is true – or not exactly true…. Glad Logan is always ready to go back to school – and of course he wasn’t nicknamed Super Pizza Boy for nothing. I love the “dancing” trees in Bluff Creek Park. I saw that you did make your 2000th cache at a later date – congratulations! Those onion rings look tasty – no burger for me.

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