Lafortune Park Skies

We’ve had some dreary weather here recently, cold and rainy. Which I really don’t mind except I like a little blue sky for my skywatch posts.

We lucked out this morning. A front blew through and we got some great blue skies with big ole fluffy clouds. So I took a few shots at Tulsa’s Lafortune Park during my short walk there.

I like this one because of the two weeping will trees across the pond from each other.

So far, not much fall color quite yet except in spots.

A closeup!

I hope everybody is having a great start to November. Come join the party at Skywatch Friday.

21 thoughts on “Lafortune Park Skies

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …water makes a nice scene twice as nice! Thanks for hosting the party my friend.

  2. Ellen

    I love the water reflections. Fall colors are the best. We’re a lot further along than you. One of our trees has already lost all it’s golden leaves. Winter is coming.

  3. Joyful

    You managed to get some lovely photos and fall colours despite the weather. We have been having torrents of rain. I posted autumn leaves last week but was too late for Skywatch Friday. Your friend Josh’s photo is gorgeous too. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Nancy Chan

    We all love blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The weather here is dreary too with rain in the afternoon. I too like the lake view with the willow trees. Happy weekend.

  5. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! Glad you went on that short walk. I did not steal your post on Reflections either. On my post Reflections were in my mind not in water. LOL! Love all those colored leaves and the two willow tree photograph.

  6. Traude "Rostrose"

    I also prefer blue skies for photos, even if there are sometimes good moods with fog or storm clouds. Your photos look very appealing – the two weeping willows by the water and the autumn red tree are really nice!
    Thanks for your comment. You wrote to me “I was impressed that you dyed one outfit in your washing machine.” – I very often use the machine to dye clothes. It’s easy with the right colors and cotton fabrics. And it is a good method to hide discoloration or small stains, for example, or if some items of clothing have already become boring 🙂
    All the best from Austria

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