Skywatch Friday – Restoring Equilibrium

Lafortune Park – I love the smudged cloud skies.

Last week was the busiest I have been in a while. I helped out at the Leave No Trace event here in Tulsa so I was there for most of it. Not that big a deal really, about four or five hours a day so don’t feel sorry for me but it was a lot to me.

Wild Turkeys hanging out on Turkey Mountain at the YMCA where the Leave No Trace Account was held. They Turkeys were there every day.

It started Wednesday and ended Saturday. Lots and lots of good stuff happened and I was glad to be a small part of it.

Oxley Nature Center

The way I recover from stress is to head back to nature. Sunday night I went to Tulsa’s Oxley Nature Center. They close the gate at 5 pm so I parked outside the gate and climbed over the fence. (Totally legal folks!!) One of the people I met at the event told me where to find the river otters at Oxley. That got my attention!! I have never seen one in the wild. (Spoiler alert, I still haven’t seen one.)


It was beautiful, the sun was getting low and the leaves were glowing.


There is nothing like a lonely trail through the woods.


I didn’t find the otters but I found a few deer including this one who posed for me.


The next evening I went back to Turkey Mountain. Not too many people in what is called the back country when the sun starts going down.


I found this deer and a few of his siblings and mom. I just had my point and shoot with me and this is the only photo I got. I have gotten pretty good at figuring out where the deer are in the evening on the mountain and how they move.


The sun was going down and the trees were putting on a show.


Sunset near what is called Rock City.


At some point the color is going to get a little better and then we’ll get a big wind and all those trees will be on the ground.


And again, give me a trail through the woods anytime.

So how do you recharge the batteries?

Come join party at Skywatch Friday. Lots of talented people there.

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Restoring Equilibrium

  1. Ellen M Polyard

    I love that golden trail through the woods. I’m with you…being alone in nature is the best way to recharge.

  2. Barb

    Lots of turkeys at the Leave No Trace Event? (I could make a tongue in cheek comment but I won’t….) I love the light when you photograph at dusk. I’m mostly never on the trails at that time because of wild things roaming. Nature is my source of peace and calm.

  3. A ShutterBug Explores

    Like you last week was a busy one ~ appointments for the most part ~ not anything wonderful like you were doing though but still needed to ‘recharge’ and again like you I seek out nature and walk with my yorkie Angel ~ and near the ocean because that is where I live ~

    Gorgeous photos of nature and of course, love the deer ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Nancy Chan

    I like the one with the low sun and trees glowing photo. Nature is the best way to recharge. We don’t have nice trails like yours so my mini garden and sky is my kind of nature.

  5. Eileen

    Being with nature outside, whether gardening, biking, hiking or kayaking, is how I recharge. Sometimes blogging too! Thanks for hosting Skywatch Friday!

  6. sallie rainville

    Beautiful spots! Even though your tiredness was from a fun event, you really did need the quiet of nature to recover. I’m glad you have such great natural places close by.

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