Autumn Colors at Woodward Park

Tuesday was a very warm day here in Tulsa. After my yoga class I headed up close to downtown to Woodward Park. Lots and lots of trees here and tons of fall color. So I just wandered around.

Maria Tallchief

I stopped by the Five Moons, Oklahoma’s Native American ballerinas. In the last century these five women, Maria Tallchief, Marjorie Tallchief, Yvonne Chouteau, Rosella Hightower, and Moscylene Larkin were at the top of the ballet world. Hit the link above to find out more. The sculptures are actually on the grounds of the Tulsa History Museum which is adjacent to Woodward Park.

I also stopped by “Appeal to the Great Spirit” to check him out. I love this sculpture. It used to be in a local high school until they tore the school down and the statue was moved to Woodward Park.

Lots of brilliant fall color on disply.

I love this blast of yellow as seen from the shadows.

A similar effect here.

And here is shrub bursting with sunlight.

Stopped by my favorite sculpture of all time. “Poems and Promises” by Rosalind Cook. I used the Hipstamatic and Snapseed App on this.

By now I was getting hungry and I was close to downtown so I headed off to the Arts District.

I got some coneys from James Coney Island. It’s been in Tulsa for over a hundred years. I get them with cheese, chili, and onions and add a healthy splash of hot sauce and pepper them chili powder. Don’t knock it until you try it.

They sky was clear Tuesday night so I took this shot. It’s the Beaver Moon at 93% waxing gibbous so not quite full.

I hope everybody is having a great week!! I”ll be linking with Skywatch Friday, come check it out!!

18 thoughts on “Autumn Colors at Woodward Park

  1. Ellen M Polyard

    I love the fall colors, it’s probably my favorite time of year. I also love all the Tulsa artwork that you have showcased. Those hot dogs look amazing but I’d leave off the hot sauce and chili powder.

  2. Gaelyn

    I know you’ve visited, and shared, Woodward Park before but I don’t remember the ballerinas, which are outstanding. Fall colors are nice too. The coney dog looks delish (I’m from Chi-town) but could only eat one.

  3. Alana

    The sculptures are fantastic. So is the effect of the software in the second picture. You got the fall color award this year, apparently. Enjoyable post all around!

  4. DrillerAA

    Awesome post!!! I haven’t been to Jim’s Coney Island in decades. When I worked downtown it was a weekly adventure for me and few of my co-workers. Love the the trip through Woodward Park. Was that “Appeal to the Great Spirit” in the old Central high school. They were the Central Braves, back in the day. Lovely autumn colors captured here. Really well done.

  5. Peter B.

    Mmmm those dogs look good! Beautiful fall colors. I haven’t used the Hipstamatic app on my phone in a long time. These look great, and thanks for the reminder!

  6. A ShutterBug Explores

    Awesome photos of the autumn colors and light ~ divine ~ Xo ~ The ‘dogs’ look like a major meal and you must have a cast iron digestive system ~ Wow! Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Angie

    Alan – the picture of Maria Tallchief is stunning! And I love coneys! Skyline Chili in Cincinnati is renowned for its coneys, and now you have me wanting one, desperately! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. DeniseinVA

    Beautiful autumnal colors in those photos of trees, and the Native American sculptures, and your art effects of the dancers and “Poems and Promises”, fabulous! I showed my husband your Coney hotdogs and he’s hankering for those big time now 🙂 Your moon shot is so sharp and detailed, very impressed! Mine are quite poor, just can’t seem to get them with any more than a blur. I need some lessons for sure. Maybe I will go on YouTube and figure it out. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  9. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! My husband and I both like a Chicago Hot Dog once and a while. But this recipe sounds over the top delicious. Got to try cheese, chili powder and hot sauce on it next time. Chili dogs are messy but oh soo good.

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