The Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel


My wife and I made a weekend trip to Bentonville, Arkansas for a short getaway. On our last day we ventured up to nearby Bella Vista and checked out the “Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel.” A non-denominational wedding chapel. Hit the link above for more information. Check here for historical information on who Mildred B. Cooper was.


It was designed by E. Fay Jones along with his partner Maurice Jennings. Jones also designed the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs and the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel near Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve been fortunate enough to see both chapels. Hit the links for my blog posts on those structures. Jones was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright and the architecture school at the University of Arkansas bears his name, the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design.


The Cooper Chapel is like the others. It is light, airy, and appears to float in the air. There are fifteen main arches, each 50 feet tall. In all 31 tons of steel were used and support 4640 square feet of glass.


It is open to the public every day unless it is booked for an event.

My wife inside the main entrance

It sits on a wooded knoll high above a lake. It is an incredible structure.

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15 thoughts on “The Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel

  1. Ellen M Polyard

    I remember you posting pics of a similar chapel some time ago. All I can say is “stunning”. I bet weddings are exceptionally beautiful there.

  2. kwarkito

    I did not know this architect nor the existence of this building. It is an incredible work and a finesse in the forms quite exceptional. I will inform myself more on the links that you propose. Thank you very much

  3. DrillerAA

    Fay Jones explored several design concepts with his chapels. Thorncrown is constructed of wood while the Cooper chapel is steel. Cooper chapel is a great photo opportunity year round. Spring brings the lush green foliage. fall brings the colors of changing leaves and winter presents the possibility of snow and a special photo is just waiting to be taken. I have taken numerous photos around Lake Norwood, which is in the background and beyond the forest surrounding the chapel. Glad you got to visit our corner of the world.

  4. Bill

    Very pretty chapel and one of the most unusual constructions I have see. Must be a peaceful chapel to sit in.You welcome to join us on Inspired Sunday

  5. sallie rainville

    It’s absolutely stunning. A perfect chapel for a wedding, but also just for a visit, meditation, whatever. So lovely. Another place I wish we’d known about when we were in Arkansas.

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