Shadow Shot Sunday – Super Bowl Edition


The last football game of the season (big frowns).

Here is our little Lizzie on neighborhood watch with LJ down in the shadows below. They love to watch the goings on.


I went on a walk around our Lafortune Park the other day. Lots of good shadows there. I love playground shadows.


And winter tree shadows.


I found me some bleacher shadows at the baseball diamond.


A couple of friendly old guys (in other words about my age) came by on their bicycles. Don’t normally see bikes on the walking path but they were going very slow and not causing any problems.

Heather and I went to Philbrook Museum a week or so ago for an art respite. I think shadows are an integral part of some art.

And another work


This isn’t my photo, it’s an ipad jigsaw puzzle I did. I love the online puzzles. I don’t like real jigsaw puzzles. Such a mess and I have a real sensory issue with the paper backing. I can’t stand touching it. Plus the pieces scattered about are a mess. The online puzzles are cool. For rookies like me you can specify the orientation to be up and down which simplifies things greatly and when you make a fit, the screen has a small flash and a cool little clicking sound. And when you finish, the jigsaw lines go away and you get the photo. (Note, the copyright still belongs to the company, not me.)


And another puzzle I finished. I love the combination sea and landscapes with interesting buildings.

And speaking of not my photo, this is from my buddy Josh who is working this week in the Bakken Oil Field of North Dakota. He is always giving grief about how pensioners like me need to get back to work. I give him a hard time being so dang lazy.

Here is another photo from Josh from the inside of a natural gas processing plant. I find the plants to be very cool. In fact they chill the gas down to about minus 132 F to extract the ethane, propane, butane, and natural gasoline out of it. Oh well, I can tell you don’t care. I don’t blame you. I am way off topic, sorry.

I’m staying off topic for a bit, sorry. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Heather makes a Turkey Chili. That is all the snack I want for the game. Our son loves it as well. Don’t tell him that Heather loads it up with all sorts of vegetables that just mix right in.

I eat the chili with Fritos scoops. Don’t get me the regular Fritos, more sensory issues from me.

And this will be my beverage of choice. It comes well recommended.

I hope everybody is having a good and safe weekend. I am linking this hot mess of a post with Magical Mystery Teachers Shadow Shot Sunday 2 meme and with Lady Fi’s Our World Tuesday. Come join in the fun!

17 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Super Bowl Edition

  1. Vicki

    I don’t know if you ever noticed my cats on my sidebar, but Lizzie and LJ look just like my Boots and Jaspurr! They like looking out the windows too.

    I love the photos from the museum, and they made really nice shadows.

    A beach, boat, and a light house, three of my favorite things!

    I love doing puzzles but have never done one online, I’ll be checking them out.

    I love Josh’s photo.

    I do care though. That machine/holding tank, whatever it is, is cool, and -132 F? Wow! Now that’s a piece of trivia I love knowing!

    We love chili! Heather should share her recipe sometime. I’d like to try it!

  2. DeniseinVA

    I like the online jigsaw puzzles also. There are some wonderful photos to complete, and I have shared a few. Glad you shared yours. Great shadow shots! Heather Turkey Chili looks and must have tasted wonderful!

  3. Amy Franks

    I feel the same way about rugby as you do about football, although they 2 kind of different sports so over your Summer it’s our Winter and that’s when we hibernate inside and watch the more international games.

  4. Carol

    I like your collection of shadow photos. My favorite shadows are usually trees and that’s true here. Your chili and fritos sounds like a perfect pair.

  5. Fun60

    I like the shadows the winter trees make on the ground. With regard to the jigsaws I am the opposite to you. I could never do a digital one. I need the feel of putting those pieces in the correct position. The world would be a boring place if we all shared the same ideas.

  6. dee

    It’s such a joy to see pictures come together when you do those jigsaw puzzles — whether they’re the online ones or the physical ones. 🙂

    Nice shadow shots; especially the ones of the trees and the museum exhibits (very interesting shadows, there).

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