Skywatch Friday – Geocaching at Okmulgee Lake Park

Last weekend I took some time and went to Lake Okmulgee south of Tulsa about an hour to do some geocaching and hiking. I like finding geocaches out in the woods instead of in parking lots and other places.

It was sunny, breezy, and cool. A perfect day. The vibe at the lake was chill. Not that many people there.

They had several geocaches located in the rocks. I always keep an eye out for snakes whent he weather starts warming up.

Nothing like a few hours out in nature to feel chilled out.

I think the WPA built the dam and a lot of the infrastructure. I find that sort of thing interesting.

There were a couple caches I found but couldn’t get to so they don’t officially count as finds. This one I could have got to if I had a long pole or something else.

This one is in a cedar tree. I felt that I could probably have climbed up there but I personally know two geocachers who got severely injured in this park geocaching. One fell of the side of a cliff and broke a leg in two places. The other was climbing up a cedar tree and a branch broke. She injured her back and was out of commission for months. Gravity is not my friend so I leave the climbing to others. Especially out in the middle of nowhere, all by myself.

I found a skull out there. iNaturalist tells me that it is a racoon’s skull.


We had a to say goodbye to our sweet dog Abby, here pictured with Logan. Abby was fifteen years old and was doing great, going on daily walks and living her best life. She loved eating, walking, barking at other dogs and barking at horses and cows on television. She was our happy go lucky clown who always had a sweet temper. She got lymphoma out of nowhere and it got bad very quickly. So we had put to sleep.


So I like to think she is cavorting around in dog heaven with her buddy Ginger who left us last year. Our critters just don’t live long enough is what I say.

I’m linking this post with Skywatch Friday. Come join in!!

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Geocaching at Okmulgee Lake Park

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …it looks like you are having some beautiful weather, My grandson at Fort Sill said that he has had rain. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Vicki

    So very sorry about Abby! She was such a cute dog, and I know you will miss her. Losing a pet we love is very hard πŸ™

    Thanks for sharing your photos, I enjoyed them.

  3. Alana

    I’m sorry about your loss. One of the sad things of pet parenthood is the knowledge that you most likely will outlive your dear friend. Geocaching – not into climbing, certainly not into sticking my hand into rock spaces but I enjoyed the peek you gave us into that sport you’ve talked about before. By the way I tried to find information on that old abandoned – furnace? in the second picture, but couldn’t. Sad about the graffiti on and near it; it makes me angry to see such vandalism.

  4. Emille (Jesh)

    Sad to let go of Abbey! But great you had her for many years. The pic above the skull – what are you point at – is it a mushroom, or a lamp? A happy Easter to you and your family, Allan. And thank you for hosting Sky Watch all year:)

  5. Nancy Chan

    Geocaching is fun but have to be careful if found in dangerous places. So sorry about your loss. Abby seems to be smiling for the camera in the photo with Logan. Have a great weekend.

  6. Penelope Notes

    The long tooth on the skull is amazing. I suspect the picture will flash through my mind each time I see a raccoon now. πŸ™‚
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your dear pet. Having experienced the same, I know how deeply they are missed. It’s always too soon but fifteen years is a good long life of giving love and receiving love for your family.

  7. Pat

    So sorry that you had to say goodbye to Abby. It was the right thing to do and she had a good life. My son had two dogs pass away in December. One was an 18year old pomeranian and had become blind, deaf, and then had dementia–the poor thing was going around in circles. When he stopped eating they knew it was time. Then his 10-year-old Goldendoodle developed a twisted stomach–a sadly common and deadly ailment for that kind of dog. Their vet felt he would not survive the surgery to correct it. Now they replaced both dogs—there is a great need to adopt from Indian reservations as there are so many feral dogs, so they adopted a puppy mutt from Navajo Nation and soon afterward also got the cutest cocker spaniel from a friend whose dog had puppies. A full house again!

    Your geocache sightings are always interesting. Glad you did not climb that tree!

  8. Peter B.

    Sorry to hear about Abby. Our chihuahua is getting up there in age and has a bad hip joint. We have to carry her up and down the stairs now. Thankfully she is a small dog. Geocaching looks like fun!

  9. Amy

    That’s an interesting looking skull, we don’t have raccoons here so cant’ say I’ve ever seen one however I’ve heard that people out there like to collect different types of skulls.

  10. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! Looks like you are having nice weather. Enjoyed the cyber tour of geocache sightings and perhaps a raccoon skull. Glad you didn’t climb the trees. Not worth the injuries that could happen especially when you are alone. Sorry about Abby. Take care.

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