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New Years Critters


Here is LJ the Cat. This time of year if he is not sleeping in front of the fire he is striking poses next to the Christmas tree. Although the tree came down the other day so he is back at the fire place.


And Ginger our rescue dachsund mix (all of our pets are mutts). She freezes all winter. Winter to her here in Oklahoma is from September through May.


Andy Abby our fun loving dog. She is up for anything, scarves, hats, walks, adventure, she loves it all.

Rascal at Christmas - Topaz Textures - Glowing Bright

And this is Rascal. We didn’t adopt him, he showed up one day and adopted us. We tried really hard for about three hours to find his owner. He is kind of our baby, he is alert, watches everyone and everything,  and is in tune with us all the time and is probably the smartest dog we have ever had.

So those are our New Year’s Critters.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Summer Fun Edition

1. Summer Fun

DSCN3927Here I am on a beach on Kauai. I have never seen so many beaches as what Hawaii has. How come they have so many and Oklahoma has so few? It isn’t fair is what I say.

2. Sleepy #good_night everybody #sleeping #dogsThis is our Maltese ShiTzu mix, Abby. She likes a pillow. It is funny how dogs are different. 3. A sign _DSC0777 Here is Heather giving me the hang loose sign. I can’t make the sign. I guess that means I can’t hang loose. I get pretty close though.4. Starts with B

_DSC0268How about “Baby Donkey?” This is Roscoe, if you are observant you can tell he is a boy. I love his hairdo.

5. My Weekend DSCN4207

Hey you know, my favorite weekends are hanging out with these two.

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Christmas Critters

We have four critters at the house these days. I mean not counting the squirrels in the back yard. Three dogs and a cat. The last couple days I posted pictures of them on Instagram in a kind of popularity contest to see who could get the most likes.  The contestants and the votes so far?


This is Ginger, our sweet Dachsund mix rescue dog. As of Monday night she had 26 likes.

Rascal the Christmas Pom

This is Rascal, our sweet lovable Pomeranian mix who just showed up at our house. We tried really hard for about a half hour to find his owner. He is the leader as of Monday night at 30 likes.

Abigail the Christmas Dog

This is Abigail our sweet Shi-Tzu Maltese mix who was given to us by a breeder. She loves to eat and also likes a pillow when she sleeps. She is at 25 likes.

LJ the Christmas Cat


This is LJ, Logan’s cat (LJ is short of “Logan Junior”) he has 14 likes but I didn’t post his pic until a day after the others.

We are keeping all four the critters regardless of what happens.

What about you? Tell us about your critters.