Skywatch Friday – Hiking and Baseball

Earlier this week I went out to Turkey Mountain to see if the Monarch Waystation needed watering. It didn’t so I decided to go for a walk on Turkey Mountain.

Instead of going to the upper parking lot for my walk I started from the lower parking lot. I haven’t done that much in the last several years because of the dismal state of the trails going up hill but I was told that that had changed and sure enough very soon I saw the old trail was closed and a new trail was open. And it was lovely, instead of going straight up the hill it goes up gently with a bunch of switchbacks. They don’t have it open all the way to the top yet but it is far enough where you avoid the really bad parts of the old trail.

So then I just took off when I got to the top.

Found these trees, I can’t tell if they are fighting or dancing. What do you think?

On our last big work day one of the things on the list was sowing grass seed on the back side of the switchbacks to keep them from eroding. The grass is doing great.

On the far northern end of the area I came across this ancient dump. Turkey Mountain spent many years as an oilfield and there are several dumps from that era. There are no plans on cleaning them up because they are an archeological resource, or so I am told.

And found an old power pole knocked down.

And here is a video of the route I took.

Unplugging is a movie that was shot in northeast Oklahoma and had at least one scene shot on Turkey Mountain. I love the visuals as northeast Oklahoma is beautiful, but I have to tell you this is not a great movie. Eva Longoria is in it and I was shown the very rock where she decided she needed to take a nap on right in the middle of shooting.


And now we are switching gears. Wednesday son, Logan and I went downtown to see the Tulsa Drillers minor league team play the Corpus Christi Hooks. I love daytime baseball and I thought I would be seeing lots of such games upon retiring. Well this is the first game I’ve been to in three years. I enjoyed myself immensely. I even think Logan liked it and he is not a baseball fan.


We were seated on the first base side and I saw this huge mural just outside the left field fence. It is a giant mural of Jacke Robinson. The player who broke the color barrier in professional baseball back in 1947. It’s a very fitting memorial. First, ONEOK Field is in the Greenwood area that was demolished by the Tulsa Race Massacre back in the 20’s. The worst race riot ever in America. Second, Robinson played for the Los Angeles Dodgers which is the parent organization of the Tulsa Drillers. The mural was installed last year right before the centennial of the massacre.


When the game ended Logan and I headed over to get a better look. It is really big and really nice.

Jigsaw Puzzle (Not my photo)

And finally, another jigsaw puzzle that I completed on my ipad. They are quite addicting.

24 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Hiking and Baseball

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …after many years as an oilfield with several dumps from that era they became archeological resources. Really, this sound magical to me!!!

  2. A ShutterBug Explores

    Glad you got to a baseball game and what a beautiful mural ~ And your sky shots are wonderful and what a lovely walk you had a Turkey Mountain with more great photos ~ thanks ~ Happy Weekend to you and your family ~ Xo

    Wishing laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Penelope Notes

    Hmm … archaeological resource is certainly an interesting take. Enjoyed seeing the video of your journey. I think the trees are dancing. There’s a smaller one in the middle that is dancing, too, and a supportive audience of other trees all around. :))

  4. Citu

    Me alegra que el sendero este casi acabado y que hayan sembrando césped y arboles. Genial lo de la película. Lindas fotos. Te mando un beso.

  5. Nancy Chan

    That is a nice trail for hiking. Wonderful to have Logan watching the baseball game with you. That is a beautiful mural. I am still playing e-jigsaw puzzle too. Good especially to pass our time while waiting for someone.

  6. DrillerAA

    The Jackie Robinson mural is simply awesome. The race massacre was a completely ignored event for a very long time. I grew up in Tulsa and it was never mentioned in any of our high school Oklahoma History courses. Of course our parents were small children when it happened and all of my grand parents were gone by the time I was 21, so there was no family knowledge to draw from. Filling blank walls with murals has become very popular here in Northwest Arkansas. I just spotted a few new-to-me this past week and may feature them soon.
    Tonight my wife and I will be attending our first minor league of the season. The Northwest Naturals take on the Amarillo Sod Poodles. You gotta love some of the minor league names. It’s Friday, so there will be a fireworks display following the game.

  7. somewhereinireland

    Turkey Mtn, I love it. What a great trail and it’s even update, I would be walking there a lot. Nice to have something like that where you live. I grew up a baseball fan of the Boston Red Sox. Growing up, my grandmother used to take me to games. Now, I listen to their games on the internet. Technology is great. I really enjoyed your video showing your hike on Turkey Mtn. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  8. E. Thai

    The trail looks great, thanks to volunteers like you.
    I’m not a sports fan, but had the opportunity to go to a baseball game at the Fenway once. It was so much fun!
    I’ve yet to play the jigsaw puzzle.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Ellen M Polyard

    The trees are definitely dancing. I love how Tulsa takes care of its parks and trails.

  10. Sallie

    Cool that Turkey Mountain just keeps getting better and better.! The mural of Jackie Robinson is wonderfully fitting as an honor and, sort of a bit of an apology for that terrible episode. Hope you’re putting more baseball games on your retirement agenda after enjoying this one.

  11. Gaelyn

    The new trail work is amazing. Think they’ll ever put up interpretive signs about the history? Nice you guys could spend the day together.

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