Skywatch Friday – Anybody have NASA’s phone number, the moon is missing!

I’ll explain myself in a little bit. Just hang with me.


From Tulsa’s fabulous Gathering Place looking across the Arkansas River to the west bank. The power plant is Tulsa Power Station. Way back when I worked for the natural gas pipeline company that supplied power to that plant. If you want to check out Pirtek USA Cost, you can click here! Believe or not I took great pride in doing a small part in providing energy to Tulsa. I know that burning hydrocarbons contributes to global climate change and fully support efforts to convert to carbon neutral sources of energy.


A scene at the YMCA on Turkey Mountain.

Me playing around with my drone and my trail camera in our backyard. Sorry for the intense expression. I still have lots to learn about drone piloting.

The same day, a view of our backyard from 50 meters up. I posted a similar photo a couple years ago and a very conservative, very distant relative got very upset with me about violating my neighbor’s privacy online. I actually had to take her step by step through unfriending and blocking me on facebook. So she did me, and I did her. I hope she is happy, cuz I am very happy to be rid of her. Tell me, am I violating anybody’s privacy? Careful what you say or I might block you as well.

Looking northwest at 50 meters above my back yard.

Front of our house

And this is my front yard.

I walked down to where my brother’s apartment is. That is his window. Whenever I drive by I honk.

Walking back from my brother’s apartment I passed this pond in an adjoining neighborhood. They used to have swans but I didn’t see any. I hope they are okay. Something about swans in our Tulsa neighborhoods that drives people to hop fences and attack the swans. What up folks?? Why do people do that? I am actually glad if you cannot imagine why somebody would attack a swan.

We have had lots of rain this spring. Lots and lots even though not far away in western Oklahoma they have had a severe drought. The past few days the temps and humidity have gone way up here. I have this feeling that things are going to dry up here as well.

One day when it was so hot I went to a park nearby that has some huge trees. I loved getting underneath the trees and looking up. Lots of shade in those old trees. I went on a spurt of hiking and trail running the a couple weeks ago and I am paying for it now. My right knee is killing me and only just today did it start to calm down after lots of ibuprofen and rest. So I have been spending lots of time inside and its killing me. I’m an outside kind of guy regardless of the weather.

So we have gone from nice cloudy skies to colorful clear skies. They are colorful because of smoke from way distant forest fires in the west and southwest.


The strawberry moon is Tuesday night. I went out to take a photo of it and came back in all in a panic and told Heather to call NASA because the moon is missing. I got on my skyguide app and oops, the moon is underneath the horizon just yet. So this is a photo of the moon from a couple days before so it is only 94% full. I told Heather to tell NASA to stand down and stand by. We found the moon. Tell the truth, I don’t think Heather ever actually called them but that is okay.

Jig Saw Puzzle

This is not my photo. It is a jigsaw puzzle I finally finished after a few weeks. I’m really slow at them but I love online jigsaw puzzles. Everybody had their own way of doing them. I look at boundaries so I focus on the boundary betwen the street and the sidewalks, and the roofs and the sky and I focused on the fence a lot. I love solving them on my ipad.

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21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Anybody have NASA’s phone number, the moon is missing!

  1. Vicki

    I think drones are fine. I don’t do anything outside that I wouldn’t want anyone seeing so…

    It’s really no different than being in your yard where people can see you from their yard or someone driving down the street and can see you.

    Great photos, especially the moon! That puzzle is a beauty but looks hard to put together.

  2. Carol

    I don’t understand attacking swans – wonder what the swans do if anything to provoke that? I know folks up in Michigan who hated geese flying thru in fall and spring as they leave a mess on parking lots and lawns. I know birds are messy but I love them.

  3. A ShutterBug Explores

    So glad you found the moon ~ Lol ~ great photo of it and wonderful series of photos ~ Drones ~ glad you can operate one ~ I know not ~ Lucky I can get a moon photo ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Penelope Notes

    Haha … being a pilot is, indeed, intense work! What a cozy patio you have and the rain video just as soothing with a lovely sound. About your other post: Interesting history about Geronimo the man and the origins of what the word represents. Time well spent with your dad learning about someone who lost his family only to gain a super strong fighting spirit. It could have gone another way into helpless despair.

  5. Peter B.

    I’m relieved to know the moon is not missing! I saw a Facebook post recently about a guy who found an alcove high up on the redrock cliffs that had a large, fully intact Native American pot. Nearly impossible to get to this amazing site, and the pot was beautiful. He found it and photographed it using a drone.

  6. Emille (Jesh)

    Lots of captures here, Alan! Love the second one with all these reflections – dreamy. Good for you for finishing that puzzle – I did one during Christmas time. After that, the bookstore exploded in their availability of puzzles (around a 1000 pieces:) It’s something I could get addicted too. Great you are pursuing getting comfortable with the drone. I think that the use of drones will greatly be increased in the future!

  7. Shiju Sugunan

    I make the same expression when I use my son’s drone. I liked the rain video, nice to hear the faint rumble of thunder. That’s a beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

  8. Alana

    You had me smiling all through this post. Seriously, you had to help a person who wanted to unfriend you do j that? (that should be added to the definition of the Yiddish word “chutzpah”.) I, personally, wouldn’t want a drone in my backyard low without permission but if it’s high up, well, planes landing at our local airport can see our neighborhood, too. Your second video gave me a “network error” message for some reason. Loved your picture, too. All of them. And the swans? No, I can’t imagine. Humans can be so cruel.

  9. Ellen M Polyard

    If I saw someone attacking a swan I’d have to go after them.

    Definitely not an invasion of privacy. You can get similar views from Google maps. I recently unfriended that distant relative also. One by one I’m removing toxic people from my zen state of mind. 🙂

    By the way, Heather’s green thumb is amazing. Love your patio!

  10. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    I’ve heard that swans keep ducks away from ponds. Too bad that they are missing. Ducks leave behind a mess on the lawn, sidewalks and sandy beaches. But messy or not they are both wonderful to have around. The front of your house is beautiful. Moon shot is awesome. Glad you located the moon and that it isn’t missing like the swans. LOL! Be safe. Take care. Keep on learning what you can about drone photography and doing online puzzles.

  11. Linda W

    I’m glad Heather did not call NASA. I don’t think you’re invading your neighbor’s privacy, and I assume that if a woman was sunbathing topless in the yard, you would have a good sense to not publish the photo.

  12. Nancy Chan

    Great photos by your drone. I would love to have a drone to take photos for me. I don’t understand why some people would want to attack swans. Clear pic of the strawberry moon.

  13. Gaelyn

    I’m not overly excited about drones but figure if you don’t catch me naked in my own backyard it’s Ok. I listened to your rain several times.

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