2022 Thanksgiving Skywatch

RiverParks painted the storage container at Turkey Mountain. I love it.

It’s Thanksgiving today. This day always brings back floods of memories going back decades.

Crooked Trees on Turkey Mountain

When I was a kid we would travel frequently to southeastern Idaho. I think my mother was related to half the people there. We would gather at a family member’s ranch near Dubois, Idaho. All sorts of aunts, uncles, cousins and such would be there. Lots of fun for the kids, lots of rest for the men and a huge amount of work for the women.

A twisty turny tree on the mountain.

I’m glad that I have those memories. My parents and everybody in that generation is now gone on my mother’s side of the family.

Sasquatch has moved again.

Over the years since, the Thanksgiving’s have grown and shrunk and changed considerably. Not as much food, not as much work the guys are expected to help out with the cleanup. It’s all good.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember people who are no long with us.

Our crew from 2016. Sorry for the glare from the window. One of the many reasons I call myself a “picture taker” and not a photographer.

I’ve been married for a long time now and many of my in-laws traditions are now ours. For example I smoke the turkeys and other meats instead of roasting them in the oven.

Also, the moderate weather in Oklahoma compared to Idaho means that there have been some Thanksgiving dinners have been eaten outside.

AI Thanksgiving
Artificial Intelligence generated photo of a Thanksgiving feast.

We’ve all gotten older and cannot eat as much. I confess we use disposable plates to speed up the cleanup.

Jigsaw puzzle I completed recently.

I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving!!

New Update!! Today’s Thanksgiving Photo

Clockwise from upper left, Me, Logan, brother Bob, wife Heather, and MIL Jeanette

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16 thoughts on “2022 Thanksgiving Skywatch

  1. Carol

    Happy Thanksgiving! I agree – love the look of the painted storage container. It’s bright and cheerful. Enjoy the day and don’t eat too much!

  2. Alana

    Turkey Mountain, well named for this holiday. I only spent about a half hour in Idaho in my one visit there. It definitely deserved more of my attention. So many of us of a certain age have fond Thanksgiving memories of people no longer with us. Happy you had a good one this year.

  3. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    From our house to your house we wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am grateful to have found skywatch. A friend talked me into posting. Been doing it ever since. I want to thank you for being the host. Glad to have seen the family gathering around the table gobbling until you dropped. Do you plan on falling back to what the scale said versus now? LOL!

  4. Lisa

    Perfect photo for Thanksgiving, Turkey Mountain! Are there turkeys there? You may have mentioned it before. We have wild turkeys around here, sometimes strolling down the street!
    Yes, Thanksgivings change over the years. Of course, in my case I moved out of state and have only my youngest living with me, so no big deals anymore.

  5. Angie Winter

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving, Alan! I was in Ohio, making new memories! Our daughter is getting married in October 2023, and we were shopping for a wedding dress and a dress for me! Successful on both counts! Plenty of time with family as well – such a special time! Love your AI Thanksgiving feast photo!

  6. Gaelyn

    Nice sign. Bigfoot seems to make ways among those sculptural trees. Families are not so big and scattered apart making those memories even more important.

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