Skywatch Friday – A Pinhole Sky


A view of the sky taken with a pinhole film camera, a Holga 135 PC. The camera has a 0.25 millimeter hole instead of a lens and uses 35 mm film. So it is really old school. I use an Ipod Touch App to tell me how long to hold the shutter open so there is some tech involved. I also have to use a tripod and cable release to get decent results. Which looks kind of funny overall because the camera is an inexpensive plastic contraption. But I have fun with it.

Skywatch Friday

22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A Pinhole Sky

  1. DrillerAA09

    Some days I think you enjoy the process more than the results. All the fun is in setting up the pin hole camera and tripod and cable release. The image is just the by-product of a grand adventure. Have a blessed week-end.

  2. Cathy Kennedy

    Old school technology still does a great job! I love my old Nikon 35mm camera, but I’m nuts over my Nikon DSLR. I still haven’t learned everything there is to know. In fact, I have LOTS of learning to do! It’s a little overwhelming. I’m gonna have to make serious time to do this, this year. Thanks for stopping by!

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