Skywatch Friday – From the Ground and the Sky

A late afternoon hike on Turkey Mountain, I love hiking there when the sun comes down.

Another front porch skywatch shot.

We had some weather the other day. I didn’t get my drone too far up in the air before the old warning alarm about too much wind. Looking west to the sunset.

One day we had tornade alerts off to the east. So this is a sunset looking east. Kind of a backlit storm. Glad we were were on the west side of this storm.

Another day, another sunset, I love color in the western sky at sundown, and low winds so I can fly my drone. It’s very light and I’m very careful with it. I noticed on the local Next Door, some poor guy got a brand new drone. He charged up the batteries and took it outside and launched it and that was the last he ever saw of it. I felt sorry for the guy but how could he be so clueless?

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12 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – From the Ground and the Sky

  1. Alana

    Enjoyed all your photos but the next to last one was my favorite. I haven’t thought about getting a drone yet and not sure I will, but I sure like your photos taken with yours. I’m glad we don’t have to deal with those winter storms like you’ve been having – it’s scary thinking of nighttime tornadoes. Now you have me wondering where lost drones go. Is there a lost drone graveyard somewhere?

  2. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    I never heard of night time tornadoes or thunder during a snow storm or a drone graveyard but never say never. Be open and curious to learn. That’s my motto. Love your drone images. Just say NO to wind. Glad you got out for a hike on Turkey Mountain.

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