Skywatch Friday – Y Not Hike From the Y


Earlier this week, I wanted to go hiking on Turkey Mountain but decided to do it a little differently. I started from the Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA on the northwest side of the mountain. I’ve been in lots of races there and a few events but never just parked in their parking lot and went hiking from their trails (which intersects with all the other trails on the mountain.)


So I checked in at the lodge and headed off by Lake Logan and the dam that forms the lake.


I got a nice view of the lodge across the lake.


And headed down the faint trail to the northl.

It eventually merged into the bigger trails that the Riverparks Authority is installing.


I always love the wild trees on Turkey Mountain.


The new trails are designed for and popular with the mountain bikers. Lots of up and down and side to side.


Eventually I got off the new trail and onto a legacy trail. This part of the park was cleared out by the previous owners when they were trying to get Simon Outlet Malls to buy it. By the way, Simon Malls announced, for the the third or fourth time, that they are restarting construction on the site they bought when they encountered so much opposition to buying a piece of Turkey Mountain.


Got to my destination on 61st street. The last work day we had a group went and made a small length of trail to get to the street so that the bikers could go through there, onto the streets for a ways, and then to another park with brand new trails. The only thing better than trails is interconnected trails is my motto. And then it was time to head back.

I came across this scene which is wall about what an Urban Wilderness means. That is downtown Tulsa off in the distance.


Part of an old road. Turkey Mountain used to have an oil field on it along with farms, ranches, and moonshiner stills.


A sign that we are back on the Y property.

Uh, don’t ask me!

And I had a good hike, about two and a half miles. But one more thing.


We had a full moon and clear skies!! The Full Snow Moon.

And that’s a wrap. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday.

27 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Y Not Hike From the Y

  1. Carol

    Your photos remind me of winter up in Tennessee where I grew up – lots of heavy clouds, kind of grey. Then we see a bright blue sky through the empty trees. Yeah!

  2. Penelope Notes

    Seeing downtown Tulsa from afar … the Wizard of Oz came to mind when beyond the forested area, Dorothy spied Emerald City. The moon is gloriously clear and seems so touchable.

  3. Alana

    The photo with downtown Tulsa in the distance was my favorite. It’s so nice to have these trails available in an urban area, also providing wildlife habitat if the developers can be kept at bay. What a shame that Simon Outlet tries and then tries again.

  4. Peter B.

    I love your Snow Moon photo. Beautiful!! Always nice to find ways to change up a hike and see new areas. Incredible view of downtown from the woods!

  5. Ellen

    Looks like you had the place to yourself. I love old craggy trees too and pictures of trails. One good thing I can say for your city is that they invest in outdoor recreation unlike anywhere else I’ve seen. I’m glad you take advantage of it.

  6. A ShutterBug Explores

    thanks for the lovely photo walk with you ~ great photos and lovely place ~ pic of you is great too ~ very contemplative ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Gaelyn

    I didn’t know Logan has a lake. So many trails in this urban area is nice especially when connected. LOVE that shot of the city through the trees.

  8. Lisa

    That’s a great photo of the city in the background. I hope those trail bikers give you some leeway when you meet on the trail!

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