My Corner of the World – Bentonville, Arkansas

Early in April, Heather and I ventured over to Bentonville, Arkansas for a little weekend getaway. Bentonville is of course the headquarters of Walmart. A gigantic company by anybody’s standard. It is also home to the amazing Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, founded by a Walmart heir. Bentonville is also in an area of incredible natural beauty, woods, hills, lakes, ravines, streams. It is gorgeous.

High rises are going up in once sleepy little Bentonville

You couple that with Walmart’s reported insistence that companies that do business with them have a local presence.

Hunger by Walter Ufer
A painting from the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa at Crystal Springs as the Gilcrease is being rebuilt.

So out of this mish mash stew, an amazing city has sprouted up. Great restaurants, coffee bars, brew pubs. As people all over the country have converged on the city and transformed it.

Johnny by Susie J. Lee
A high definition video of an oilfield worker, on display.

The art museum has ballooned all over town and is building an addition that will add 60% more space to the main museum.

Bachman Wilson House by Frank Lloyd Wright
A Frank Lloyd Wright designed house bought by the museum and reassembled on the museum grounds. – No interior photos allowed.

Talk about a fun place to visit. Just a couple hours from Tulsa.

Pecos Escarpment - by Walter Hogue
An oilfield paintingl

And the main part is all walkable. We rented a condo just a couple blocks off downtown. We were able to walk to the museum over some beautiful trails. We walked to restaurants, coffee places, and bars and went for long walks in the woods.

Talk about edgy, pink here there and everywhere.

We saw some incredible edgy art that I don’t quite understand. I think art should take you to your limits. That is where growth happens.

A night time installation of flowing letters that assemble into words and sentences.

The dividing line between art, museums, town, and nature are very blurred in Bentonville.

Seen on the trail from the town square to the museum

We had a great time. We celebrated my birthday. Another trip around the sun.

Another seen on the trail to the museum

It is a rejuvenating place. It almost has a Santa Fe vibe about it.

Ok, just one more.

We’ll be back.

Another nightime outdoor installation
Alright last one.
My patient bride.

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13 thoughts on “My Corner of the World – Bentonville, Arkansas

  1. Gaelyn

    Looks like a great getaway. I like the nature and I like the art, just not sure I like them combined. Hope you didn’t have to sleep in the pink room

  2. Jim Sullivan

    Glad you enjoy it! Personally, I’d prefer being in a less booming area than we are, thus why I spend so much time walking around cemeteries 🙂

  3. Vicki

    Wow! I had no idea that Bentonville was such a great place to check out. My brother lives 5 miles from there so it would be worth the extra trip.

  4. DeniseinVA

    Looks like a great trip. “I think art should take you to your limits. That is where growth happens.” I liked this sentence in particular because there are often times I look at the more modern art and don’t really get it. I often wish I could talk to the artist and ask where his thoughts and art are taking us because I am always intrigued. It is a museum I would enjoy visiting.

  5. Amy

    I don’t think I could handle that pink bedroom somehow, it’s not one of my most favourite colours – happy birthday too

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