Skywatch Friday – Dronephotography Sunsets

For a while we had weeks and weeks of either clear blue skies or heavy overcast with rain, neither one of which lends themselves to using a drone to take photos. Lately though we have had some interesting skies so I have been launching it a little bit to see what I could find. I did all of flying over my backyard.


Looking southwest over the local elementary school. Some pink in the skies.


On another day, looking straight west


Another day looking west. That tall building on this and the previous photo used to be Oral Roberts University’s hospital and medical school.

Looking northwest from the backyard.

An overcast day, I launched the drone anyway and got this shot. The clouds were too heavy for color in the sky so I just got some brighter sky further up.

More color in the northwestern sky.

Another view of the northwest sky.

I have a lot of fun flying my drone although I don’t develop much flying skill just going up and down from my back yard.

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26 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Dronephotography Sunsets

  1. Linda W

    Great shots! I was surprised when your Skywatch shot was not on your site earlier. Also, some of the links on Skyley were not working for me, perhaps due to another Blogger/browser conflict.

  2. Carol

    That drone does an amazing job with sunset photos. Each one made me say that’s my favorite. Magnificent post!

  3. Lisa

    Those are all so nice. My favorite is the last one. There are several people who fly drones at our neighborhood park. My daughter built one when she had a boyfriend who worked with them. She sent me a video of flying it. They are indispensable in search and rescue in some locations now.

  4. Cloudia

    These are really awesome!
    Kindly consider changing your Google profile so that your personal blog brings you here instead of to the defunct one which you have to click through to get here. Just a thought. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  5. Eileen Thai

    Love the colors of the different shots. One of these days, I’d love to get a drone to do some photography like this. Any tips for a beginner?

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