Road Trip Skywatch

On our recent trip to Colorado to see family after Christmas we took a southern route through the Oklahoma panhandle and New Mexico to avoid some snowy weather. Tell you what the panhandle has some big skies and great vistas. Heather took over the driving for a while so I took some pics with my phone.

Sorry for the internal reflections!!

We drove by this train in the late afternoon. I loved the late afternoon light on the boxcars. The line was at least a mile long.

And a little bit later we got a good sunset.

And a great reverse sunset looking east via the mirror.

I just love it when Heather drives. I get to take photos and I also regale here with fascinating (to me) information via Wikipedia on all the small towns we go through. I don’t know why but she always turns up the volume on the radio when I am trying to give her a good tidbit of information. She keeps saying stuff like “I don’t care.” Oh well. Not much she can do about it since she is driving, right?

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23 thoughts on “Road Trip Skywatch

  1. Masha

    Great skies over endless flat land, as a child of mountains cannot imagine that…
    By the way: I want to document the whole year in everyday skies.
    Have a good and healthy year

  2. Linda

    I enjoyed the photos, especially the train picture.

    I used to sometimes carpool with a guy on history tours, and he knew all about which Civil War officers went to school with who and what their position in the class was. On occasion, his teenage son would go with us, and obviously he had heard all the stories before, so when his dad started repeating them, he would turn up the radio.

  3. Lisa

    Nice photo of driving towards the sunset. Heather’s a captive audience when she drives, but you like for her to drive. Hmmm… well, I guess it saves her from hearing you say, “Take a picture of that!” all the time.

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