Saturday’s Critters – Caught in the Act!!


I’ve got tons of photos of squirrels from my backyard trailcam. This is the only one I have where the squirrel seems to have spotted the camera. I’ve seen other critters, rabbits and raccoons look at the camera on night photos but never a squirrel. Anyway I like this guy bending his flexible neck to check the camera out.

Here in the USA we have an almost nationwide deep freeze going on. Stay warm and bring your pets inside folks.

I’m linking to Saturday’s Critters this morning.

10 thoughts on “Saturday’s Critters – Caught in the Act!!

  1. Eileen

    Cute squirrel photo, the feeders tend to attract the squirrels as well as the birds.
    It will be a super cold week, stay warm.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.
    PS, thanks so much for leaving me a comment.

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