Rough Green Snake and More – Saturday’s Critters

Found this little guy on Turkey Mountain. I think it is a rough green snake. I see more of these kind of snakes on the mountain than any other. Most of them are just a few inches long, this is the biggest one that I have ever seen. Maybe a foot long at the most. I love the graceful coils. It seemed kind of curious to me with the raised head. I tried to tell him to get off the trail or it was going to get stepped on.

Our purple coneflowers in our front flower bed. Purple coneflowers are the state wildflower of Oklahoma. These have a bumblebee and a moth on them.

A curious deer checking me out while I was geocaching in a pecan orchard near Tulsa. The orchard is huge and has lots of deer. A couple years ago I saw a huge herd of them running through it. This time there were lots of signs in the orchard. They are subdividing it for houses so kiss those big beautiful trees goodbye.

And Kodi the Pomeranian. He loves swimming in his little pool on hot days.

We have lots of geese in Oklahoma, especially golf course geese like these.

And how about Mother Goose with her perky little hat.

And big ole rabbits and Alice in Wonderland. (At a local library)

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9 thoughts on “Rough Green Snake and More – Saturday’s Critters

  1. Lavender+Dreams

    If a snake could be pretty….this one is! IF….I said! lol I saw a man with a dog that looked like Kodi and told him I had a friend with a dog very much like his named Kodi. So now Kodi has a cousin in Florida! lol

  2. Eileen

    The snake is a pretty color. it is a shame the orchard is being taken over for houses.
    The coneflowers are so pretty. Cute shot of Kodi.
    The sculptures are cute and fun!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  3. Sallie

    I like your critters — both real and make-believe. Alice reading while perching on her friend is perfect for the Library! When we were camping last week, Bill took time to get out and scoot a pretty yellow snake out of the road (with a broom) before we moved the van. All I asked was that he make sure there were no red stripes touching the yellow. (Because ‘red touch yellow will kill a fellow’ — its how to tell a very poisonous Coral Snake.) He said the snake he moved was a “friendly” corn snake.

  4. GreenComotion

    Cool critters in this post, Yogi. The Mother Goose character reminded me of a movie I used to watch (to relax) called, “Father Goose” with Cary Grant 🙂 I watched it on a non-digital TV using a VCR tape LOL!. I wonder what happend to that tape, now that I think of it 🙂

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