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Skywatching in Sperry, Oklahoma


At lunch I went to the Tulsa suburb of Sperry, Oklahoma, a dozen or so miles north of Tulsa. They have a rails to trails project, the Osage Prairie Trail run right through town. Its a great place to take your bicycle. I found a cache called “Railroaded” near where I took this photo.


I was going to do a little geocaching while there. I ran across this sign at the first place I parked. Oops!! Luckily there were no geocaches around the sign and the weather is kind of cold. Also, there are lots of snakes in Oklahoma in areas where there are no signs.


One of the caches I found was called “Dress Up” it had some items you could wear and post on the cache page. I kind of liked these glasses, especially with the hat. I almost kept them.


There was another cache named “baby cache” about fifty feet away from this old gas station. I love the rock exterior. A scene from the movie “The Outsiders” was filmed here.


On my way back to the office I found this “hay bale art” out by the highway. Obviously whoever put it up is one of those crazy people who like snow. Who in their right mind, over 12 years old likes snow? Only ice is worse than snow. And tornadoes, and earthquakes. How come we have all the bad stuff in Oklahoma.

Not bad for a lunch hour, huh?

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Wordless Wednesday – Turkey Mountain Vista


And now, the not wordless part

Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain is not that big, two miles north to south and a mile, maybe, east to west. You can generally hear traffic in most areas but there are lots of trails and if the weather is a little hot, or a little cold, or a little wet or whatever the number of people on the trails plunges, especially a quarter mile down the trail (I am not exagerating..) And if one gets to the little visited areas like the northwest segment it is easy not to see anybody.

I was on such a blissful trek last Wednesday when I happened on this vista that made it look like the mountain went on forever. I love the feeling of feeling lost and depth in the photo. Even though I know I had been up and down that trail many times before.

I love Turkey Mountain, I have been there dozens of times and still find something new every time I am there. I can get up there and just cruise along and don’t worry about a thing. Except snakes, lots of people have encountered lots of snakes, especially copperheads, and I worry about them a little but I don’t let them stop me.

So what about you? Where is your favorite place to get away from it all.