A Day Off, a Fight, and Yogi Flips Out, Again

My employer started a pilot project this past summer to test a 9-80 work schedule. We work 80 hours over 9 days and get every other Friday off. My group was one of the groups that tested it. It met with near unanimous approval from the employees and the middle managers and executives didn’t think it negatively affected the work we were doing or relations with customers so they have extended the pilot until February or so when they intend to make it available to almost the whole company.

It was great during the summer but it has really been great since SuperPizzaBoy started school. Isn’t that selfish? Sweetie and I drop his little hiney off and then we go run and do. Yesterday we drove to downtown Tulsa to the Blue Dome Diner and I had their blueberry pecan pancakes. I big stack of three, each as large as a dinner plate. I get a box and put half of them in the box, so as soon as I finish this post, I’m having more pancakes.

Then we did some errands and shopping. We went to Gardner’s Used Books at 4421 South Mingo in Tulsa. SPB hates the place but we love it so we got to spend some time there. Check out their link. They have about 10,000 items you can order online but they are listed in no particular order. Fun for browsing. The store itself has its books very well organized and the staff are readers and know instantly where something might be if you ask.

I found the hulk at Gardners. Notice Captain Kirk’s chair behind the hulk. I tried to get my Trekkie wife to sit in it so I could take a picture. But she wouldn’t!


While we were out and about my wife Sweetie, who loves me very much, bought me a new Flip camera phone. Isn’t she a darling? My one or two readers may remember that a therapist at SPB’s school loaned us a camera for a little while. I took it in under protective custody but Sweetie and the therapist made me give it back. I planned on giving it back, eventually, sometime, but they got very rude about it. But now, thanks to my wife, who I love very much, I have my own. It is still a solution in search of a problem for me and I’m experimenting with it.

A fountain at Hunter Park during a walk with our dogs yesterday.

SPB looking for a video yesterday.

Our dog Ginger

Speaking of Ginger. She and our other dog Abby are pretty good friends. They sometimes get a little cranky with each other but they always make up.


Our two cats don’t get along at all. We have a big old fat cat, Chrissy who is queen of the household. She doesn’t put with much from anybody, especially me. We have a male kitty, LJ who will be a year in November. He puffs up and tries to exert himself but he gets no respect from anybody, especially Chrissy. Chrissy will just stand up and go over and kick his butt just to show that she can. I didn’t have my Flip handy when the latest blowup occurred.




Poor LJ.

9 thoughts on “A Day Off, a Fight, and Yogi Flips Out, Again

  1. Baloney

    Glad you got that Flip camera. They are fun! Doc has his with him on the fishing trip this weekend.
    I’m headed out tonight (I think) to feed those ducks at Hunter Park. Whoopee! Maybe I should take the dogs?

  2. Tulsa Gentleman

    You have been busy. Next time you are in the Blue Dome Diner say hello to my son Luke. He is the tall guy who cooks your pancakes. His girl friend Cara is there too. Those walnut blueberry pancakes are addictive.

  3. ♥Kathy♥

    Yeap your dogs do look like they are waiting for some fur to fly. My cats will bicker like that. Usually just the two younger ones. Fluffy would rather not fuss with anyone. Great pictures. I havent been out to Gardners in months. Not that I need any books. =)

  4. AVT Coach

    I am new to your site and must admit I found you from two different blogs. That is why I am commenting. I am fascinated at how this blog world is so vast yet condensed. I first saw your comment this morning on JenX, so I knew you were from Oklahoma, I am as well. Then I went to Jerusalem Hillside Daily because periodically I read Dina’s blog, I always love to see the world from her lens. There you were again! I see now from your posts that you participate in Skywatch. I love that too! What a small world.

  5. Martha Z

    Hubby worked 10 days on and 4 off for many years. (He operated a power-plant) It was great to have time for just the two of us when the kids were in school and nice to get some mini-vacations during the summer.

  6. stacief

    You’re right…your Ginger looks a lot like my Ladybug (I had to run over here to see). All of your animals are cuties!

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