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High School Hayride

Fall is here it is time for SuperPizzaBoy’s school to have their annual hayride.

They found a place way out in the woods. No bars out here, literally, no updates, no nothing, whazzup with that?


You can update your status with one of the camp dogs. Friendliest critters you’ve ever met.


Warm up around the fire.


Go feed the goats. Hungry little buggers.


Play some volleyball maybe?


How about some high spirited boys?


Load up, everybody face in, don’t get in or out, no horseplay!! Adults have been making and kids breaking rules forever.


After a dinner of dogs and chili, try out some smores. Everybody has their own technique. Mine is the best. No, make your own!!


Time for some spooky stories!!
Time to clean up and go home. Another hayride on the books.

ABC Wednesday – Today is D

The letter for ABC Wednesday is “D”

So I’m saying D is for Dogs!


Those are good Dogs, but not what I really meant.


From left to right, meet Ginger, Abby, and Rascal being tended to by a long suffering Washington Irving. Rascal is kind of hard to see. You know how hard it is to photograph a black dog. Lets try this:


Yes, Rascal does have a face.

ABC Wednesday

Woof Woof Grrr Woof


My Diana Mini lomo camera has an option where it shoots half frame shots. In other words I can take two photographs in the space of one frame of film.

I’m not sure why they did it that way but it means that I can put two related subjects together like the photographs above sharing a frame. It was the same house bordering a city park and I think maybe the homeowner is a little tired of the dog walkers in the park fouling his fence.

Note that one sign is for the dogs and one for their owners.

Signs, Signs

What is Lomography?

My Dog Pierre

When I pulled up in the parking lot of the Equestrian Facility where SuperPizzaBoy is taking his Hippotherapy Sessions my dog Pierre ran to greet me.


Pierre is one cool dog. Of course I had never seen this dog before in my life, but he knew that he was my dog and was ready to jump in old 666BOI and go home with me. Before you get your pup trained here, buy them toys or give them a cozy spot, you should have an attachment. We had it.


Because Pierre knew that he was my dog and he had never seen me before in his life.

Of course we couldn’t go home right then and there because we had to watch SPB in the arena.

Are you wondering what I’m talking about? Well let me tell you a story.

Way back when, just before the last of the dinosaurs died out, young Yogi and his family lived in the Ranger Station at Payson, Arizona. We lived in a government issue cinder block house. Here is Yogi with his siblings. (Isn’t Yogi’s sister cute as a button?)

Idaho 2010 161

About every two or three months on a Saturday morning when we were all still in bed, Dad would yell, “Here’s Pierre!” and we could hear these dog toenails click clacking down the government linoleum in our hall and run into the bedroom I shared with my brother and jump up onto our bed and just go crazy jumping and licking and barking. It was a magical joyous occasion when Pierre showed up.

Being the little kids that we were we never wondered why or how Pierre got to our house. We just knew that he was there for a little while and then he was gone.

So whenever I see a Basset Hound, I know what his name is and I know that he is mine. And he knows that his name is Pierre and he is mine.


But I have never taken him home.

Fourth of July, Dogs, Baseball, and Fireworks

I don’t know why but the dogs were piling on me at Nana’s. The little guy I’m holding is our newest, “Rascal” probably about 5 months plus or minus. He just walked up and introduced himself in May. At first our vet thought he might be a pomeranian, so I took to calling him “The Pom” and now the thinking is sheltie. I still call him The Pom. He has pretty much taken over the house. The white dog is Abby, who loves playing with The Pom but wishes he wouldn’t get so much lap time. Ginger is the ginger colored dog. The black dog, front and center is Fiona, who is one of Nana’s dogs.Fiona and I are pretty close. Nana’s other dog, Reba still doesn’t know about me and I’m just letting her warm up gradually as the weeks go by. The dogs must be trained with the obedience lessons from Off Leash K9 Training at the early stages itself so that they grow up to a well-disciplined dogs in the future.┬áPeople can check out Dog Works if they need the best dog training services.

Reba is a very nice dog. She was a breeding dog but got sick and had to retire and Nana rescued her. She wasn’t used to being a house pet but has a sweet disposition and is going to be ok. She will let me pick her up but is stiff as a board. So I’m just letting her get more used to me. She’ll come up and act friendly but she isn’t ready to jump up on the couch with me on her own. She will one day. The K9 Dog Training site lets you choose the kind of professional you want to be training your dog.

July 4 2010 011

We were at Nana’s to eat an early dinner, visit with family friend Patty. We had steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, fried okra, fresh tomatoes, marinated cucumbers with vidalia onions, and asiago cheese bread. What a feed. The best dog obedience training is what your puppy needs at an early stage so they grow up to being obedient and fun as well.

We staggered home to get ready to go downtown to ONEOK Field to see the Tulsa Drillers play the San Antonio Missions.

July 4 2010 025

I just love live baseball games.

Drillers Collage 7-4-10

The “Famous San Diego Chicken” showed up. He was hilarious. I couldn’t capture his antics on film (silicon?) but we enjoyed him.

July 4 2010 024

You cannot have the Fourth of July without fireworks. No way! We sweated it out because th game got rained on. They kept on playing but finally they announced they were having fireworks with or without rain. Yay! we all said.

Firewords ONEOK Field 7-4-10

Anyway, I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July. If you are not American, I hope that you were happy for us.

Three Ringed Circus

We took our dog pack for a walk tonight including our new puppy, “Rascal.”

It’s a three ringed circus.

Speaking of, Oklahoma’s hot housewives, The Real Housewives of Oklahoma, have a new topic on their Monday meme. I know its a Monday meme but I’m doing it on Tuesday because, well, because I’m special that’s why. Here is the question of the week.

Think about the day you met your spouse. Since then and due to their influence, what is the one thing that has changed about you that you never expected to happen?

I’m going to violate the rules some more. Sweetie has changed in my in a bunch of ways. Some of these are illustrated in the YouTube clip believe it or not.

First, notice the color of my clothes? I was a man of beige and browns before we got married. I thought it was cool. I wouldn’t be caught dead in color unless it was camo. Now, I’ve got all the colors of the rainbow, hardly any brown tones at all. In fact, this is no lie, Sweetie will slap me if I’m lying: I have about three times as many clothes as she does.  We have two closets just for me. And I wear them all also. Yep, I rotate through all of them.

Second, notice the shorts. I didn’t wear shorts as a kid. We grew up in small towns in the west. I wasn’t a cowboy but I grew up in amongst them. Nobody in them towns wore shorts except effete tourist kids and doctor’s children who we looked upon with combined pity and disgust. Mom tried to get my brother and I to wear “bermuda shorts” one summer. She had to give up, we wouldn’t go outside the house. We would rather have worn our underwear outside than to be considered a doctor’s kid and be considered with polite pity, and sneering disgust. So I didn’t wear them as an adult either. The fact I had the whitest legs in the world didn’t help. Sweetie got me to wearing shorts. Now I wear them all the time. Sometimes even in the winter.

Third, the dogs. I always liked dogs and cats but you know, they were just dogs and cats. Sweetie and her family love animals and shower them with love and affection. I’ve learned to do so myself. I don’t really “get” people who don’t like animals.

Fourth, notice the big ole pot belly? Sweetie can cook! I’ve really learned fine dining since Sweetie and I got hitched. She can cook anything which is great because I’ll eat almost anything.

I could go on and on. Sweetie is wonderful. What can I say?


You want to participate in this? Follow the link to their page and check it out.

How Long Before?

A few weeks ago we got adopted by a dog. We put a signs up, “Found Puppy” and drove around and around our neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods looking for “Lost Puppy” signs. We have listed him on Craig’s List and the local AHA website. Not a word. In the meantime we have really got attached to him. He is a delightful little puppy. A little wild, like puppies are, but very smart.

So my question is:

How long before he is ours?

We might have already passed that point. What do you think?

Meet Reba

We have a new member of the family. The World’s Greatest MIL, Nana, felt the need for a new puppy to give her shitzu Fiona some company and so we now have Reba.

Reba is a four year old shitzu who was a brood dog at the same kennel where Nana’s Fiona and our own Abby came from. Reba got very sick and had to have surgery and she couldn’t have puppies any more and the breeder couldn’t have another house dog so Nana adopted her. So Reba is kind of a rescue dog.

Reba was very upset last week when she first came to her new home. It didn’t seem like she was going to settle down or bond with Fiona but happily she is adapting quite well and will even sit still for a few pictures.


She is starting to eat and drink and assert herself a little bit.


I mean look at that face.