As previously reported SuperPizzaBoy and I flew to Colorado to attend and celebrate his cousin Jillian’s graduation from Colorado State University at Fort Collins.

Jillian graduated with dual degrees. BS in both Agricultural Business and in Equine Science. She is very smart. She has loved horses her whole life and has one of her own. She was also on Colorado State’s horse judging team and won many individual and team awards.

The Ag Department at CSU hosted a breakfast for the graduates and their families. Below, from left to right, is Jillian’s dad, Irvin, sister Marian, and Jillian herself. Both sisters are very pretty. Good thing they took after their mother and not dad. When Marian was younger she and I used to partner up and kick butt and take names in all sorts of games, Scrabble, Monopoly, whatever. Our motto was, “You know what you call a good loser? A loser.” We were very obnoxious. Eventually nobody would play with us. I understand that, I mean, why keep beating your head against the wall?

Jillian’s friend, Megan, and Jillian with “Cam the Ram.” He is a sheep I called him a goat, I thought I was going to get escorted off the campus. They take sheep and goats very seriously at an Ag school I found out.

Its a good thing they didn’t hear me earlier. SPB asked me why the animal was there. I told him that they were going to barbecue him to serve the graduates after the ceremony. He asked me if he could have the horns. I said sure little dude, but you have to share with Shiloh.

Sisters Jillian and Marian (with Marian’s son Shiloh in the background.) He is looking kind of thoughtful.

Another shot of Shiloh. Shiloh is a great soccer player and is very athletic. He and and SPB get along very well. SPB is very laid back, slow moving, and bright, Shiloh is very energetic, active, and also bright.. (In the background in the red coat, is Shiloh’s great grandfather (my Dad) Gramps.

Graduation picture, sorry, dim lighting, cheap camera, and distance are a bad combination.
Afterwards Jillian’s parents threw a party in honor of Jillian and her friends. We had quite a time. They cooked fajitas, malted beverages were available.

My brother-in-law Irvin, the master chef at work.

They had games like the sack race below. Also three legged race, spoon race, volleyball. Everybody had a great time.

SPB and Shiloh with their Bakugan. I don’t get it. What’s the deal with Pokemon, Bakugan, and Bionicles? It has its own language, SPB can lecture for hours on the subject.
All good things must come to an end. Sunday, my Dad, Gramps left to go back to Idaho. My sister Ellen, next to him. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t look like me.

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