Water World Wednesday – Sculpture and Pond

Sculpture and Pond

I took this pic back in late November before it got real cold. I took with my Diana Mini Lomography camera in the split frame mode where it puts two pics on one frame. So this pic is from one half a frame.

I just love the solitary moodiness of it, the low fidelity, the grain of the film, the whole deal. I even love it that the pile of white rocks dominates the pic and almost looks like a giant, creepy flower blossom, and the dark sculpture is obscure.

In case you were wondering what was on the other half frame:


Same park, different pond.

Why does the camera have a half frame mode? If you find out tell me and then we’ll both know. It is quirkiness like this that makes me love my collection of strange little plastic cameras.

Water World Wednesday

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9 thoughts on “Water World Wednesday – Sculpture and Pond

  1. Sylvia K

    I do love your photos!! You poke around and find such great ones!! And you’re one of the reasons I have come to love blogging!! Thanks for the fun and the smiles!!

  2. Gemma Wiseman

    A camera that decides to “slice the cake” automatically is a new one for me.Interesting feature. I agree with your comments about the first half. But would add that the layered white rocks look like giant clams shells layered.

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