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Water World Wednesday – Sculpture and Pond

Sculpture and Pond

I took this pic back in late November before it got real cold. I took with my Diana Mini Lomography camera in the split frame mode where it puts two pics on one frame. So this pic is from one half a frame.

I just love the solitary moodiness of it, the low fidelity, the grain of the film, the whole deal. I even love it that the pile of white rocks dominates the pic and almost looks like a giant, creepy flower blossom, and the dark sculpture is obscure.

In case you were wondering what was on the other half frame:


Same park, different pond.

Why does the camera have a half frame mode? If you find out tell me and then we’ll both know. It is quirkiness like this that makes me love my collection of strange little plastic cameras.

Water World Wednesday

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Woodward Park Sculpture and Lomography with the Diana Mini Camera


Saturday I had a little time to myself while Logan was at his Improv Comedy class so I went to Woodward Park for a little geocaching and photography. My camera was the Lomography Diana Mini. It is a 35 mm film camera that has two modes. One of the modes is split frame where you can put two photographs on the same frame. Above are two sculptures side by side at the park.


The park has a network of trails that run through the azalea beds. I took pics of the trails ahead and behind me.


This is also a split frame mode photograph showing the mysterious funky little art deco memorial to Shakespeare. It was designed by Adah Robinson back in the 1930’s. She was an architect who is credit by some with the design of the art deco landmark, Boston Avenue Church.

Linnaeus Sculpture

The Diana Mini also has a full frame mode that is not quite full frame. It make square photographs. Did I say that the processing the camera’s film drives my Walgreens film guys either crazy or they love it? This sculpture is by Rosalind Cook of Carl Linnaeus at the entrance to the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens.

Poem's and Promises

This is another sculpture by Rosalind Cook called Poems and Promises. She donated it to the city in 2010. It sits in the Anne Hathaway Herb Garden. I just love this work.

Poems and Promises

This is a closeup.

So do you still use film cameras?

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Our World – Tulsa State Fair Midway

It’s the time for State and County Fairs, have you been to one yet this year?


I took my Diana Mini toy film camera to the midway this year. The midway is legalized madness. Lots of people, bright lights, the rides, the games of skill, the fair food.  Who can explain it all?


The Diana Mini has a half frame mode where you get two photographs on one frame. It’s kind of fun to see what the pairing are. I like the way the Ferris Wheel turned out. To me the Ferris wheel is the king of the midway. If you don’t have one of those, you don’t have a midway.


I was just walking around shooting from the waist. It’s kind of hit or miss actually. There is a world of difference between raising a camera to your eye and just shooting from the waist. The EMT crew above had somebody on the gurney. I don’t know what the story is.


The carousel and a small roller coaster were right next to each other.


The not very well kept secret of the midway is that the people are the main attraction. Lots of people make fun of “Fair People” and I don’t know why. I mean if you know what a fair person looks like, then you are one also, right? 


The food is outrageous. The donut burger is a burger with donuts used as the buns. How about deep fried Kool-Aid. Why, probably the same reason that I eat sea urchin sushi. Sure it tastes good but most of all I like seeing everybody’s else’s reaction when I eat it.
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Lomography Walls

As some of you know I sometimes I use a a film camera. A Diana Mini. The use of cheap film cameras to capture images is called Lomography.

Lomography has a feature where members can create mosaics very simply. The mosaics are called Lomowalls and are quite popular. Here are a few Lomowalls I have created recently. I think they are pretty self explanatory.

SuperPizzaBoy and his friend jumping on the trampoline in our back yard.

Swinging at a local park before his comedy improv class.

Swinging at a State Park during a camping trip.

His style of camping. Bringing along electronic entertainment.
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